Work in Progress Wednesday–The Blue Stripe Doodle Quilt

Free Motion Quilted Doodle

I have been putting my new Bernina 820 through its paces this week.

Free Motion Quilted Doodle

I have had houses and gardens “on the brain” lately…

Free Motion Quilted Doodle

I stitched these doodles on a striped blue and white quilt. Gardens in the blue stripes and houses in the white stripes.

Free Motion Quilted Doodle

Because I am still getting used to my sewing machine,  it took me a bit of “tweaking” to get the tension just right, but once I did I was on a roll…The Bernina  820 has a huge bobbin, so I didn’t need to stop often.

Free Motion Quilted Doodle

I wonder if the new Berninas have a stitch counter–I need to check the manual–

Free Motion Quilted Doodle

I would LOVE to know how many stitches are in this quilt…

Free Motion Quilted Doodle

The Blue stripes began with The Fabulous Flower (see tutorial HERE).  Then I did  a technique I call “layering in” to add more leaves, spirals, and flowers.

Free Motion Quilted Doodle

Now that I have this quilt finished, I have no excuse not to clean my house and tend my garden!

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Keep doodling!

A Sewing Studio Addition!

Bernina 820 Quilter's Edition

I’m thrilled to report there’s a new tool in my workshop—a Bernina 820 Quilter’s Edition!  We are still getting to know each other, but I think we may be a “match made in heaven!”

Bernina 820, Quilt Doodle, Free Motion Quilted Sewing Machine Motif

We met on an online dating site:  –and when I read about the extra-large harp space—I knew I was in love…(Think about all those queen and king size quilt tops just waiting to be quilted…. )

Free Motion Quilted spools of thread, Long Arm motif

The bobbin is huge!  The light is so bright!

Bernina 820-Quilter's Edition

It has a clock…and a stitch counter…and a threader that works….It knots and cuts off threads with one push of the button!

Free Motion Quilting Fonts, Lettering with Free motion Quilting

I think we are going to be very happy together!

So many Works in Progress…and a little sewing machine Love!

WIP–Fabulous Flower Tablerunner

Fabulous Flower Tablerunner, Free Motion Quilting

Yesterday’s tutorial was The Fabulous Flower, and because I felt we could use a little color around here…

Fabulous Flower Tablerunner, Free Motion Quilting

I stitched this table runner for my kitchen table.

Fabulous Flower Tablerunner, Free Motion Quilting

In a break from my normal routine, I employed a bit of self-discipline and applied the binding immediately.

Fabulous Flower Tablerunner, Free Motion Quilting

Fabulous Flower Tablerunner, Free Motion Quilting

I think it will look great on my table…now it’s off to the garden center for some flowers to match!

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