How Do You Wash Your Quilts? and Open Line Friday

Washing Quilts

Today is Open Line Friday where everyone has a chance to ask and answer readers’ questions.  Recently I was asked how I wash my quilts.  I think this is a great question for everyone. Do you pre-wash your fabrics?  What products do you use?  Do you machine or hand wash your quilts?  How do you dry them?

I separate my quilts into three “loads” for the purposes of washing:

  • Heirloom Quilts--My very special quilts.  Any quilt that is hand appliquéd, pieced or quilted.
  • Vintage Quilts-Quilts made before 1950.  We have two vintage quilts that require special care because of their sentimental value and fabric of unknown origin.
  • Well-loved Quilts-By well-loved, I am referring to quilts that my family uses regularly.  It is more important to me that these quilts be used and “loved”  than be preserved and guarded from dirt and stains.
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