The Open Leaf with Spiral-Machine Quilting Tutorial

Good Morning, Quilters!

Today we are going to review one of the earliest motifs offered here at The Inbox Jaunt–it is a “fan favorite”–The Open leaf with Spiral.

Last week we looked at Four Secrets to Better Spirals HERE

This week we use that Spiral in a leaf motif–gorgeous!

Open Leaf with S;iral, Lori Kennedy, Machine Quilting

Begin by drawing three parallel lines.  Begin stitching on the center line.

Stitch along the center line a few stitches, then sweep to the right drawn line.  Stitch along the right drawn line for several stitches.

Taper down slightly, brush the middle drawn line and curl in.  Stop with your needle in the down position.Open Leaf with S;iral, Lori Kennedy, Machine QuiltingEcho stitch the spiral and stop on the center line.  Sweep to the left side line.

Stitch down toward the center line and curl into the center.  Echo stitch the curl back to the center line.

Alternate right and left leaves to complete the design.Be sure to use careful stitching technique to keep the spacing between the leaves even.


What’s growing in your garden?  Any pretty vines?

We’d LOVE to hear!


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