Overwhelmed? Try the Quilter’s Notebook Cure!

Quilter's Notebook, Lori Kennedy

Good Morning, Quilters!

After a very busy September, my sewing room is a mess, my quilts and fabric are everywhere and I feel totally overwhelmed!

Ever feel that way?

I have just the cure—


We haven’t talked about The Quilt Notebook lately, but with just 90 days left in 2016–I’m turning to my Quilt Notebook to get me on track again.

First thing–Do an Inventory of all of your quilts including kits and projects with patterns and fabric.

Quilter's Notebook, Lori Kennedy

Next, choose The Big Three–your priority quilts for this year--(I chose four quilts)

Quilter's Notebook, Lori Kennedy


Then make a list of the next few steps to jump-start the project again.  Keep the steps simple and easy–so you will be able to accomplish them in less than one hour.

Avoid writing steps like “piece the top”–It’s too daunting.  Instead, break it down–like “piece the orange blocks”…

One of my quilts is such a mess, I listed “organize” as one of my next steps.

Quilter's Notebook, Lori Kennedy

I have 30 quilts-in-progress…and I’m not even sure where they will go…


I added a “Measurements Page” to my Quilter’s Notebook.

You can find quilt sizes in any reference book–but that doesn’t mean the quilt will fit YOUR BED…(Don’t ask me how I know!)

Mattress depth, personal preferences, quilt design–all affect the size of the quilt.

One of my tasks this week is to measure all the beds in my house to determine the perfect quilt size for MY beds.  I will also add the measurements I like for MY table and the size of the quilt rod that hangs in my bathroom.

Add pillow sizes if you plan to make any pillows.

Quilter's Notebook, Lori Kennedy


In addition, I added a few tips from one of my favorite books…Manage Your Day to Day 

  • Creative work first (Actually, exercise first…)
  • Reactive work second
  • Best energy for creative work
  • Establish creative routines
  • To Do List:  3 things
  • Hard edges:  Deadlines improve work time

We’ll talk more about these tips in coming weeks….

Quilter's Notebook, Lori Kennedy
Manage Your Day-to-Day


After my “Quilt Notebook” exercise, I feel better about my quilting life and all the projects!

If you are feeling overwhelmed—here’s a short task list for this week:

  • Update or make a new “Projects List” in your Quilter’s Notebook.  (Be sure to date it!)
  • Pick The Big Three quilts–your priority quilts
  • List 3-4 small tasks for each of The Big Three quilts
  • Add a “Measurements Page” to your notebook–list all the beds you’re likely to make quilt for and start taking measurements

“If you chase two rabbits, both will escape.”

What about YOU?  Do you ever feel overwhelmed by your Unfinished Projects?

How many UFOs do YOU have?

What are YOU going to do to jumpstart your creativity today?

We’d LOVE to hear!


Finally-Focused, Lori

at least until next week….


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