Daisy Pop! A Machine Quilting Tutorial

Machine Quilting, Daisy, Lori Kennedy

Good Morning, Quilters!

What’s poppin’ in YOUR garden this week?

The only thing blooming in my yard so far…dandelions!  But even that is a welcome sight after months of Minnesota snow!


Today we have a really fun floral motif that will add texture to your quilts–The Daisy Pop!

There are three types of contrast that help show off our quilting…

Thread contrast

Shape contrast

Density contrast 

Daisy Pop takes advantage of Density Contrast.  By stitching a large, open circle surrounded by echo stitching and small petals, the circles POP off the quilt creating a pretty flower and pretty texture.

(For more on Contrast, be sure to check out Chapter 2 “Skillbuilding” in my book Free Motion Machine Quilting 1-2-3 personalized copies available from Etsy HERE.  Also available on Amazon HERE).


No marking is required for this motif–the center circles do not need to be perfect.  If you are more comfortable marking, do so as you go.  The circles here are approximately the size of a spool.

Begin by stitching a clockwise circle.

Machine Quilting, Daisy, Lori Kennedy

For most of the flowers, there will be a short “stem”…

So stitch clockwise and counter clockwise to avoid stitching over the stem.

Closely echo stitch the circle 2-3 times.

Machine Quilting, Daisy, Lori Kennedy

Add scallops around the circle.

Machine Quilting, Daisy, Lori Kennedy

Machine Quilting, Daisy, Lori Kennedy

Echo stitch the scallops 2-3 times then add a short stem to begin the next Daisy in the chain.Machine Quilting, Daisy, Lori Kennedy

Keep the Daisies closely spaced and add smaller flowers if you like.
Machine Quilting, Daisy, Lori Kennedy

This motif seems so happy to me.  It would look great on any child’s quilt, summer quilts, a table runner, pillows….

Where will YOU add Daisy Pop?

We’d LOVE to hear!


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