A Surprise in the Garden


June GardenEarly yesterday morning, Ruby and I were out having a little coffee and  enjoying a quick tour of the new blooms in the garden…UNTIL……

Roxie--our other Australian Shepherd– interrupted our composure with incessant barking and barking and barking…

What now?

a deer?

a cyclist?

Hopefully not the black bear that was spotted nearby (Read HERE)

NO!  Something worse…

June Garden

A beautiful hot air balloon from Stillwater Balloons or Aamodt’s Hot Air Balloons.

Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air Balloon

For some reason, hot air balloons drive my dogs crazy!

Hot Air Balloon

Notice the passenger’s message to the photographer below!

Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air BalloonI’ve never been on a hot air balloon ride.  Maybe someday…but only if I can bring my camera!

What about YOU?  Ever been up in a hot air balloon?

I’d love to hear…


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