Tuesday Tutorial–Two Spiders, A Web, and a Curse!

Free Motion Quilting Tutorial, The Spiderweb

Welcome, Quilters!  Welcome to my haunted website.  Indeed, I believe I was cursed last week at my quilt retreat…we were talking about people who have stitched through their fingers!…And as I began this tutorial this morning, I did just that!  I stitched through my right index finger.  I was pinned ( no pun intended) to my sewing machine.  I had to sit for several seconds to compose myself before I was able to stretch my left hand across my sewing machine to reach the handwheel.  Then, in a small act of bravery (at least I thought so) I turned the wheel slowly to back the needle out of my finger!   (Fortunately, the thread was not jammed!)

Hopefully, this has never happened to you…and hopefully it never will!  (Incidentally, in the Victorian era, spider webs were thought to bring good luck to quilters--and they were frequently embroidered onto crazy quilts!)

Now that the commotion is over, let’s begin today’s tutorial!

Spider web, Free motion Quilting

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