School Supplies for Quilters–Open Line Friday

School Supplies, QuiltersWelcome back to Open Line Friday…A chance for anyone to ask a question and for everyone to answer

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School Supplies, QuiltersI thought I’d start the ball rolling…

In keeping with our back-to-school theme…see the Perfect Pencil Free Motion quilt tutorial and Alphabet Scramble-a free motion work in progress

What school supplies do you buy for yourself?  For your quilt studio?

School Supplies, QuiltersMY SCHOOL SUPPLIES

  • Typing paper…Great for doodling.  It’s a nice texture, inexpensive, and if I don’t like my doodle, I can throw out sheets of it without a care…
  • Glue Sticks–If I DO like one of my doodles, I cut it out and add it to a sketchbook with a little glue.
  • Rulers and stencils, to draw my “rails”…
  • Notebooks.  This year I found this primary school notebook for $1.  It has nice lines–good for the tutorials and a larger area to draw a doodle…seems perfect for FMQ practice.
  • Pencils-My absolute favorite are Dixon Ticonderogas–they’re the BEST!


Did you buy any school supplies this year?  I’d love to hear…after all, the sales are still going and I can run out and get some more!!!


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