YOUR Quilting Legacy?

Quilt Legacy

Good Morning, Quilters!

This article was published in Country Living Magazine recently and I thought it was exactly what we have been discussing lately!

How will our quilts stand the test of time?  Will anyone cherish them?

The family of Janet White of Morristown, NY certainly did!

Janet White was known for her quilt making…She made over 100 quilts for family and friends.  When she died last week at age 84, her family draped her quilts over the pews at her funeral.

Her story and her family’s love of her quilts is heartwarming!

Quilt on, Ladies!  Quilt on!

What do YOU think?  We’d LOVE to hear!


Dogs and Quilt Show

Meg Tison's English Bulldog, Bailey

Meg Tison’s English Bulldog, Bailey—Gaithersburg, Maryland

Good Morning, Quilters, Doggies and Kitties!

Grab a cup of coffee and a few kibbles, you’re in for a real treat…

We have another episode of Dogs, a few Cats, and Quilts–(more on Monday, too!)

Our pets certainly LOVE to get right in on the action…

If these pets had opposable thumbs, I think they’d be quilters!


Pedra from Bluffton, SC

Pedra from Bluffton, SC  “Doing what she does best!”

Christine Kamon's dog, Milli--"Perhaps you can stay off this while we're gone?"

Christine Kamon’s dog, Milli–“Perhaps you can stay off this while we’re gone?”


Susan Skuda's Spaniel, Fletcher

Susan Skuda’s  King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, Fletcher–often takes creative license to re-arrange quilt blocks.  From Waynesville, NC


Barbara Drummond's Miniature Poodle

Barbara Drummond’s Miniature Poodle, Stella–likes to sit in Barbara’s lap while she free motion quilts.  Forest, Virginia


Chris Babich's Gunny

Chris Babich’s Tibetan Terrier, Gunny.  Gunny was born on the Marine Corps Birthday in 2010 near Cherry Point Marine Air Base.  Gunny thinks every quilt is being made for him:  “Is this mine?”  Semper Fi, Gunny!


Debby Lodding

Debby Lodding’s Jack–hoping Santa brought him a treat?!

Debby Lodding

Debby Lodding–“Jack the Angel”  Sleeping on Debby’s first large quilt.


Mary Wheeler’s Miss Kitty


Denise Strueber's Gus

Denise Strueber’s adorable pup, Gus wants to help bind this quilt.  From Dallas, Texas.


Laura's Pug, Ernest

Laura’s Pug, Ernest has his own quilt, but enjoys the “big dogs’ bed!”


Siobhan’s dog, Stitch



Amy McBurnie’s, Skye-keeping the BERNINA warm. (This could be a BERNINA ad!)

Amy McBurnie

Amy McBurnie

Amy McBurnie's Toby

Amy McBurnie’s, Toby–helps with the quilting.  Pretty kitty, pretty quilt!

Phyllis Delack’s,  Mickey -warm and cozy on the ironing board…  (I wonder if he can iron quilt men’s shirts–is he useful or just pretty?)
Mickey likes to be in on the action, doesn’t he?
Phyllis’s Tobey, likes to quilt on the mid-arm.
Sandra Walcott's Josephine

Sandra Walcott’s,  Josephine.  Very serious about quilting!

Anne Godwin’s Kitty
And her gorgeous quilt, “Branching Out”.
Carol Pitt's, Jackson

Carol Pitt’s, Jackson is sitting on a quilt with his hind leg on his likeness.  From Thornton, Pennsylvania.


Thank you to all the pets and pet-lovers who sent in photos!  It’s been a great show–and more to come!


You can trust your dog to guard your house, but never trust your dog to guard your sandwich!

My Australian Shepherd, Ruby--"Cheeky Ruby" with PK's breakfast.

My Australian Shepherd, Ruby–“Cheeky Ruby” with PK’s breakfast.

Woof, woof,

Ruby, Roxie, and Lori


The Easy Feather-A Machine Quilting Tutorial

easyfeathers-fmq-lorikennedy001Good Morning, (Focused and Organized) Quilters!

There are more than 100 tutorials in our FREE Library.  Everything from beginner motifs to advanced patterns and from modern to traditional.  There are whimsical motifs and classic borders…but up until now, there has not been The Most Popular Motif Ever–The Feather.

Why no feathers you ask???

Because I have really concentrated on original motifs and tutorials you can’t find else where. There are books and videos galore on fabulous feathers…

However, because so many of you have asked for a step-by-step photo tutorial… today I offer a very basic feather…


There are many, many ways to stitch a feather.  Often one side of the feather is stitched, then a center design is created and finally the opposite side is stitched.  (Three pass motif.)  The Easy Feather is stitched in one pass–stitching  a right petal then a left petal and back and forth up the center line.   Each petal nestles into the petal below it-by echo stitching.


Begin by drawing three vertical parallel lines to serve as guidelines.

Begin stitching on the center line.  Stitch up several stitches, then sweep to the right line.  The sweep from right to left is fairly shallow.


Sweep the right guideline and immediately curve around.

Stitch down to the center line.


Taper up along the center line and then sweep to left guideline.  Sweep the side one and curve around toward the center.easyfeathers-fmq-lorikennedy006

Continue to the center line just above the previous petal.
easyfeathers-fmq-lorikennedy007To form the next feather, echo stitch the right feather below it and curve around.

Echo stitching the previous “petal” gives the motif a very compact and neat look.

After stitching three or four petals that reach to the side lines, stitch a few smaller petals, then begin again with larger petals.

End the row of Easy Feathers with a vertical “petal”.


The Easy Feather is easier than other feathers, but it can be challenging to get the curve of the petal.  While this is not exactly a beginner motif, I think every quilter should learn Feathers as soon as possible in their machine quilting career.  Add them to your “doodle” list…be patient and doodle Feathers every day!!!

The GOOD NEWS–even imperfect feathers look nice!  Don’t wait to add this motif to your quilts...Add a feather to every quilt–you can never go wrong with feathers!!


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More quilting all week!



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