Inattentive Quilting: A Cautionary Tale


Xray  Sewing Machine Needle in Index Finger

I like to say that quilting is in my blood–(My grandmother, mother and sisters are all quilters.)–but now I can say  quilting is in my bones as well!

On Monday, in a rushed, unfocused nano-second, I stitched right through the middle of my nail.  I launched out of my chair and ripped the broken needle out of the pad of my finger.  I quickly wrapped my finger and sat and sulked for a while.

By Wednesday, my finger still throbbing, I decided to see a doctor and get an antibiotic.  The doctor  ordered an x-ray and imagine my surprise when this is what it revealed!

Xray Sewing Machine Needle in Index Finger

Several hours later, I was carted off to the operating room.   The surgeon said the needle went into my bone and shattered.  He found the thread and removed it along with most of the metal shards from the needle, but he was forced to leave a small metal shard embedded in my index finger.

So… six x-rays… thirty minutes of surgery… one small bottle of pain meds… one large bottle of antibiotics…and one tetanus shot later…This is my cautionary tale!

Below –my favorite image-taken during surgery-reveals the thread still attached to the needle!

Xray Sewing Machine Needle in Index Finger

The good news:  Doctors orders:  No dishes for six to nine months!?

My new motto:  Make haste slowly!