How Soft are YOUR Quilts? Open Line Friday

Machine Quilting, Lori Kennedy

Good Morning, Quilters!

Do you make YOUR bed before or after your first cup of coffee?

Are YOUR quilts soft?

Machine Quilting, Lori Kennedy

The softest quilts in our house are the quilts I made for our twin daughters when they went off to college.

As you can see, they are very, very heavily stitched.

And yet, they are as soft as butter!

Machine Quilting, Lori KennedyIt is amazing to me how many times I have read or heard people say they don’t want to quilt their quilts too heavily because it will cause them to be stiff. Machine Quilting, Lori KennedyThe College Quilts were stitched on Hobbs Heirloom Premium Wool batting and have been abused by throwing them into college dormitory washers and dryers over and over again.

They get better and better the more they are jumped on by the dogs, slept under, washed, dried and generally…..loved!

Machine Quilting, Lori Kennedy

So why the myth of heavy quilting and stiff quilts?

Is it like blue jeans–stiff right out of the dryer–and then they get softer as the day goes on?


What do YOU think?

Do YOU have any stiff quilts?  What batting did you use?  Are the quilts well-worn or hardly used?

We’d love to hear!


Laurie sent me this photo of her Kitty Quilt and asked for suggestions how to quilt it.

Kitty QuiltLet’s brainstorm some ideas for her.

How would YOU quilt this?

We’d LOVE to hear!

Machine Quilting, Lori Kennedy

I think I’ll take a little nap while I consider the options….


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