Style vs. Personality–Open Line Friday

Bird, FMQ, Tutorial, LKennedyGood Morning, Quilters!

Last week, in my post, Inspired! I wrote about my early days quilting traditional feathers, stippling and grids. A few people protested when I said it lacked personality…

Classic Feathers

It is definitely a style:  Traditional.

But it doesn’t have personality–

Or is it more correct to say   “It doesn’t reflect my personality”?

What is the difference between style and personality?  Can one have a quilting style without personality?

Perhaps it is just a matter of adding a few personal touches to traditional quilting motifs–like tucking a bird in among the feathers…or adding spirals around the grid?

Does quilting personality matter to YOU?

We’d LOVE to hear!

Little Bird machine quilting


We are off on a long car drive…

Hint tomorrow on Fine Art Saturday.

May YOUR stitches be filled with JOY and PERSONALITY!


PS…Tutorial for (Baby Bird  HERE)  (Blue bird–top photo)

Currently, there is not a tutorial for the purple bird above–is anyone interested?