Organizing in the Sewing Room

Quilt Notebooks, KennedyGood Morning, Quilters!

I have been busy, busy, busy in my sewing room:  cleaning and organizing and working on a wide variety of projects, old and new.  I can’t wait to share them all with you!

First, The Paperwork...

I sorted everything into white binders (decorated with some fun tape).

I always feel so much better when the paper mountain is sorted!


I went through my Craftsy designs…

Good News…another Craftsy video is in the works!

Limited Time Offer:  50% Divide and Conquer:  Creative Quilting for Any Space (All five-star reviews!!!)

Quilt Notebooks, KennedyIf you watched the video, you might remember theses quilts?Quilt Design, KennedyOnce the paperwork was complete, I stitched and sewed and stitched and sewed…

Lots of fun stuff to come!

What about YOU?  Did you sew or organize anything lately?  We’d love to hear!


To all our French readers and all the people of France…our condolences! 

We stand with YOU!


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The Quilt Notebook-The Unfinished Project Page (or Pages)


The Quilt Notebook

Good Morning, Quilters!  Thank you, Thank you for all your tips, ideas and links to help me manage my scrap heap.  Suggestions ranged from composting and making dog beds from the smallest scraps to links for the most gorgeous scrap quilts I have ever seen.  I love the leaders-enders idea and can’t wait to review some of the other links you shared!    Some of you volunteered to take the scraps off my hands–I think a Giveaway is on the horizon!   I loved the idea of a scrap-swap.  Isn’t  that a great guild idea?

All of this leads me back to The Quilter’s Notebook... a place to store all of our ideas…(Read More HERE.)

Let’s start a page in our Quilt Notebooks labeled “Websites” ..  List The Inbox Jaunt first then add the links to the scrap quilts.  Our major assignment this Monday is to start a UFO Page.

Today we are going a-hunting and a-gathering.  Grab your Quilt Notebook, a pen and your digital camera (optional).  Your mission is to track down every unfinished  quilt project you ever collected.  EVERYTHING!  It doesn’t matter how large or small the project or quilt is…Write it down!

For today, just make a LIST of all your UFOs.  A quick snapshot  or sketch may also be helpful for reference.

The Quilt Notebook

If you’re like me, you will find a few long forgotten gems…(see  HERE and HERE)

The Quilt NotebookNext week we’ll take a closer look at our UFOs and what they say about our buying patterns and our quilting habits.  Then we’ll analyze our UFOs to set priorities.  Later, I’ll help you decide whether to purge or re-purpose a few of the low priority quilts…


  • Start a page in your notebook to list websites you visit.  List  The Inbox Jaunt first (of course)!
  • List your UFOs–no editing!


PS…All information, tutorials, and images are property of Lori Kennedy at The Inbox Jaunt and are for personal use only!

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Take Note–The Quilt Notebook

The Quilt Notebook

Today we are going to start working on our Quilt Notebooks.  (For selecting a Quilt Notebook see HERE.)

 Important Reasons to Start a Quilt Notebook

  1. It will collect all the information about your quilts in one easy to find place.
  2. It will provide YOUR quilt history.
  3. It will demonstrate your growth as a quilter.
  4. It will help you set goals for developing your skills as a quilter.

First, let me clarify that The Quilt Notebook is distinct from a doodle/sketch book.  The Doodle/Sketch book is for drawing, doodling and sketching any idea that pops into your head.  Most of those ideas will never make it to a quilt… The Quilt Notebook is where we will collect EVERYTHING about our “Quilts in Progress”.  They can be in the  “idea only” stage…and they may never become a quilt…but they are more serious than doodles.

I want to emphasis that The Quilt Notebook will contain EVERYTHING about our Quilts in Progress and our Completed Quilts...No more scraps of paper with calculations, (that we can’t find later and need to re-calculate!).  If everything is in one place…we will always know where to reference it! (I’m lecturing myself, here–but maybe others can relate…)

So let’s get started

Write the name of a quilt on the top of a page in your notebook…leave at least two pages per quilt–we’re going to be adding more information and critiques later.

The Quilt Notebook


Add the following information to your Notebook:

  • Quilt Name-It’s nice to give every quilt a unique name for reference.  I am currently working on a quilt named “Boxes and Vines” as well as a quilt called “Claire and Andy’s Wedding Quilt“…Not very creative, but handy…
  • Date Started/Date Completed-I usually add date completed to my quilt labels, but I wish I had documented the start dates.  Some of my quilts “incubate” for years between the  start and completion dates!
  • Intended Purpose-This is important when making size, color and deadline decisions.
  • Pattern-Write down the official quilt pattern name.  Include where you found the pattern-book, pattern company, online source and your inspiration.
  • Size-If you are making a bed quilt, it is a good idea to take those measurements yourself.  Quilt sizes for beds are not all the same because the drop height differs.    Include mattress length, width and drop to floor.  For wall-hangings, and table-runners include the size of wall/table. Include the block size of your pattern for later calculations.
  • Fabric-Include as much information as possible here.  Manufacturer, where purchased, fiber, cost of fabric, special washing instructions.
  • Thread-Include manufacturer, weight, fiber, where purchased, price.
  • BattingThis is one of the most important things to include in your notebook.  (I include it on my quilt labels now.)  This will allow you to reference which battings hold up best over a long period of time.
  • Estimated Cost-It is often difficult to estimate quilt costs…we buy several yards of fabric, but we never use it all for any given project.  Additionally, we use fabric, thread,  and rotary cutters from our stash.  I still think it is interesting to estimate the cost of a quilt.  Your best guess now will be interesting to later generations.
  • Estimated Hours–Just write down 1,ooo,ooo!  Does anyone have any idea how long it takes them to make a quilt???
  • Notes-

The Quilt Notebook

It seems like a lot of work to use a Quilt Notebook, but it will only take minutes at a time.   It will save you hours of re-calculating, searching for patterns, and scouring the internet later if you chose to pick up an old project.  It will also be YOUR personal reference when making choices for future quilts.

Next week, we will add more to our quilt notebooks…

Happy (organized) Quilting,


PS…All information, tutorials and images are the property of Lori Kennedy at The Inbox Jaunt and are for personal use only.  Feel free to re-blog and pin with attribution to The Inbox Jaunt.  Please contact me for any other purpose!