Open Line Friday–All About Moms!


Mother's Day

Good Morning, Quilters!

My mom turned 92 this week-help me wish her Happy Birthday!

My mom is the best!

I can honestly say I’ve never heard her say an unkind word or criticize anyone.

Her favorite line is– “There, but for the grace of God, go one of mine.”

mother's day

My Mom (almost) always knows the right thing to say.

Whenever we didn’t get something we wanted,  she said disappointment “builds character”…(I told her I didn’t want character, I want to be a cheerleader!)


She is very patient…

She taught all of us to sew–even when I’m sure she would have rather been quietly sewing herself.

Her sense of humor…

I accused her of having kids (there are seven of us) just so she wouldn’t have to do dishes…

You should have heard her belly laugh!

Oh dear, Mom!

Happy Birthday!  Happy Mother’s Day!


What about YOU?

Did YOUR mother teach you to sew?

Any favorite quotes?

Any favorite stories?

We’d LOVE to hear about YOUR Mom!