The Lowly Thimble in Jeopardy (at Monopoly)!

Thimble, Lori Kennedy Designs

Dateline:  Pawtucket, Rhode Island, February 13, 2017

To the shock and horror of quilters everywhere, Hasbro, the maker of the beloved board game, Monopoly has decided the Thimble is out!

The Thimble has been deemed “pointless”!  

Our beloved notion has been part of the game since 1935…

This insult coming on the heels of the 2013 decision to replace the Iron with a cat! —   Read Pressing News:  The Inbox Jaunt Thimble Thursday HERE

Monopoly Game

Monopoly Game

I would like to re-new my petition to add the Rotary Cutter as the replacement token!

What about YOU?  What do YOU think of The Thimble, The Iron…

What do YOU recommend as a replacement?

We’d LOVE to hear!


One Outraged Quilter,



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Pressing News! (Thimble Thursday)

Monopoly Game

In a move that is sure to disappoint quilters and seamstresses everywhere, Hasbro has announced The Beloved Iron is OUT from Monopoly games!

Monopoly Game

Fellow tokens rallied round to cheer up their longtime friend, but the Parker Brothers were unmoved!

They claim The Beloved Iron was voted out on Facebook in February–(an unfair forum–How many quilters and seamstresses spend any time on Facebook?)

Monopoly Game

Complaints were met with indifference…and armed guards!

Monopoly Game

So the iron was left high and (worse yet) DRY!

Monopoly Game

Our only consolation…

Monopoly Game

The Dimpled Thimble was spared!

And the replacement?

A Rotary Cutter perhaps?


Much to the chagrin of Ruby and Roxie.

Monopoly Cat