The Paperclip-A Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

Paperclip, Free Motion QuiltingGood Morning, Quilters!

Today we have a white fabric with gold stitching for you to try…(Just kidding!…Read more HERE.)

Sorry I missed you yesterday.   Monday is paperwork day so I don’t always have time to post.  Yesterday, I was busy organizing my files…and then pretty soon I wasn’t organizing my files…

Today I have a very easy and very versatile motif for you to try:  The Paperclip.  I’m sure you will agree–it sure beats filing papers and paying bills!

The Paperclip Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

Begin by drawing two parallel lines.  (Remember, if you are stitching a border with two parallel seams, you don’t need to draw any lines…)

Begin stitching on the bottom rail.  Stitch up to the top rail and curve down.  Stop several stitches before the bottom rail.

Paperclip, Free Motion QuiltingCurve up and stitch parallel to the previous line of stitching.  Begin the downward curve.

Paperclip, Free Motion QuiltingStitch down to the bottom line and curve up again to begin the next Paperclip.

Paperclip, Free Motion QuiltingYou will quickly develop a rhythm.

Paperclip, Free Motion QuiltingContinue all the way down the border…I guarantee you won’t want to stop.

Paperclip, Free Motion QuiltingTo turn the corner, stitch to the end of the border and then begin on the closest rail.

Paperclip, Free Motion QuiltingTry stitching this motif very large…

Paperclip, Free Motion QuiltingAnd try stitching it at an angle….

Paperclip, Free Motion QuiltingThe Paperclip is very easy and would look great in any quilt, modern or traditional.

I really did not want to stop stitching it…

Perhaps I was just procrastinating…THE Paperwork Beckons…


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PPS…This tutorial was stitched with Aurifil 50 wt cotton in the bobbin and Sulky 40 wt cotton on top, using Warm and Natural cotton batting on my BERNINA 820 (without a stitch regulator.)

Woodgrain-A Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

Woodgrain, Free Motion Quilting


Good Morning, Quilters and Quilt-Lovers!

Today’s tutorial:  Woodgrain is a motif I saw while reviewing a book for Molly Hanson of SewWrongSewRight.

Molly’s book, Free Motion Quilting for Beginners (and those who think they can’t) will be released very soon.

(Later this week we will review Molly’s book and ONE LUCKY READER of The Inbox Jaunt will win an e-book version of Molly’s book!)


Woodgrain, Free Motion Quilting

Begin by drawing a few straight lines.  The lines will serve as a reference to keep motif relatively straight.

Start at the bottom of the quilt and stitch a wavy line.  Echo stitch back down.

Woodgrain, Free Motion Quilting


Stitch another wavy line, shorter or longer than the previous line of stitching.  Echo back to the bottom.

NOTE:  Avoid ending the wavy lines at the same height.  This looks unnatural.

Woodgrain, Free Motion Quilting

After adding several lines add a “knot”.  Instead of echo quilting, add a pointy spiral.

Woodgrain, Free Motion Quilting

Spiral in, then spiral out again.

Woodgrain, Free Motion Quilting

After stitch the spiral, stitch to the bottom line and begin adding echo lines again.   Continue this way from left to right until the width of the quilt is stitched.

Then begin stitching back to fill in the area above the first set of stitches.

Woodgrain, Free Motion Quilting

Woodgrain, Free Motion Quilting

This is a very forgiving motif.  The lines are very irregular and mistakes are easily hidden-just like in nature.


I have a project I stitched with Wood grain that was inspired by a project in Molly Hanson’s new book.

A book review and a GIVEAWAY.

Another busy week…

Lori the Lumberjack,

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