Mistletoe and Berries-Free Motion Quilting Tutorial

Mistletoe and Berries, Free Motion QuiltingGood Morning, Quilters and Quilt-Lovers!  Are YOU ready for Christmas?  The countdown continues…just 16 days to finish your Christmas gifts!  I’m sure someone on your list would love a table runner with Mistletoe & Berries!


The leaves for this motif are very similar to quilted feathers.

If you’re a pro at feathers, this pattern will be easy for you.

If you are new to feathers, this is a great motif to start your practice.– just three feathers at a time…Soon YOU will be ready to take on Quilted Feathers…(tutorials coming in 2015!)


Begin by drawing two lines one inch apart.  These are “rails”  – guidelines to keep our stitching tidy. (Of course, YOUR rails can be any distance apart!)

In between the lines, draw a very shallow curved line.  All of the leaves and berries will come back to this line.

Mistletoe and Berries, Free Motion QuiltingBegin stitch on the curved, center line.  Stitch at an angle toward the right rail. Curve around and back to the center line-leaving a small gap above the starting point.

Mistletoe and Berries, Free Motion QuiltingNext, stitch another petal angling toward the left rail.  Again, stop just above the previous stitching–ON the drawn, curvy line.

Mistletoe and Berries, Free Motion QuiltingStitch one more petal to the right and STOP on the line.  This is a good place to stop (with the needle down) to think and plan, or adjust the quilt as necessary.

Mistletoe and Berries, Free Motion Quilting

Stitch UP several stitches along the curvy, drawn line.  Stop.  Stitch a circle. (Circle tutorial HERE)

Mistletoe and Berries, Free Motion Quilting

Add two more circles, traveling on top of the previous stitching if necessary, to create a cluster of three berries.


Mistletoe and Berries, Free Motion Quilting

Continue UP the curvy line to create the next Mistletoe and Berries.

NOTE-One side will always have two Mistletoe leaves.  Alternate the double-leaf side from right to left for a more balanced look.

Mistletoe and Berries, Free Motion Quilting


Mistletoe and Berries, Free Motion Quilting

String some Cranberries between the rows of Mistletoe–PERFECT!

Add Mistletoe & Berries to YOUR Christmas quilts and you’ll certainly be smothered with kisses!

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Lots more quilting this week…

Smooching in Stillwater,


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