Work in Progress–Poppies

Good Morning, Quilters!

I am behind on so many things…the dusting, cleaning cabinets, covering my roses…

One of the things that bothers me the most is being behind on The Flower of the Month Tutorials!

I am working on the August flower of the month–The Poppy.

After doodling several iterations in my sketchbook,  I came up with a continuous line design I liked.

Next, I tried stitching The Poppy.


When I think of a poppy, I think of a dramatic red flower with black accents, so I stitched The Poppy on red fabric with a variegated black and white thread.  (Seemed like a good plan…)

I was really happy with the results, until….

Poppies, Machine Quilting, Lori Kennedy

Yesterday I had Aurifil 28wt white cotton on my sewing machine so I tried The Poppy with the thicker, more contrasting thread.

What a difference!

The boldness of the contrasting thread re-creates the dramatic essence of poppies.

The motif looks even better than the earlier version in black thread.

Now I can’t wait to make a quilt with these bold flowers!

Step-by-step tutorial next Tuesday.
What about YOU?

My sisters (who are knitters) always ask “What’s on YOUR Needles?”

I guess the machine quilter’s version would be “What’s under YOUR needle?”

Any garden surprises?

We’d LOVE to hear!

Your Dramatic Queen Quilter,


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New Craftsy Class!

Good Morning, Quilters!

It’s an exciting day here at The Inbox Jaunt as we are launching our third Craftsy video:  Creating a Quilting Plan:  Approaches for Any Quilt (click here to see the 90 second preview!!!)

This class is SHORT but SWEET and is classified as a Craftsy mini-course and is available for just $9.99!!!

In less than an hour you can learn a wide variety of tips for transforming YOUR quilt tops into family heirlooms!



Be sure to download the Class Materials–they are a very important part of this class.  You might even want to make several copies right away–and work through them for each quilt you are planning.

If you don’t know where to begin the quilting process, consult the Quilting Roadmap!

If you aren’t sure what motifs to choose, narrow the focus with the Design Worksheet!

And check your progress with The Final Evaluation (not a test, but a way to make constant, steady improvement with your quilting!)

Craftsy, Creating a Quilting Plan


The class begins by choosing an “Approach to Quilting” for every quilt–Basic (simple outlining of blocks), All Over (one or two? motifs!) or Custom (a design plan for each area of the quilt)

Not every quilt needs custom quilting, so we look at easy ways to make Basic and All Over quilting more interesting.



We also discuss how batting, thread and motifs work together to create the look and feel of your quilt.

Craftsy, Craftsy Approaches, Ghost BlocksTECHNIQUES FOR A VARIETY OF QUILT STYLES

And we look at how to quilt a variety of quilt styles including embroidered, appliqué and quilts with a lot of negative space.

Craftsy, Lori Kennedy


Learn about stabilizing, machine guided outlining, free motion outlining, how to cut the bobbin thread when tying, and much, much more!


This class does not include a lot of doodling or stitching of quilt motifs. If you are looking for quilt motifs, try my other two Craftsy classes (50% 0ff this week!)

 Divide and Conquer: Creative Quilting for Any Space or

Creative Free Motion Techniques: From Doodle to Design

And you won’t learn what motifs to choose for YOUR quilts–only YOU can choose…but WE WILL help YOU think about the process and help YOU decide the best motifs for YOUR quilts based on your skill level, the time available and who the quilt is for!

Lori Kennedy, Craftsy


If you are looking for a quick jumpstart to get you rolling on quilting YOUR UFOs and turning them into family heirlooms–this class is for YOU!

This class is less than one hour!!!  YOU can learn so much in ONE HOUR!!!

Once YOU start quilting, YOUR own ideas will percolate and YOU will be the designer!

So, as they say at Craftsy...”Let’s Get Started!”

Creating a Quilting Plan:  Approaches for Any Quilt–$9.99

May ALL YOUR quilts be heirlooms!











Vintage Linens

Vintage Lines, TurtlesGood Morning, Quilters!

For the past several months, I have been working with the Craftsy editors to create a quilting class to complement my other two classes:  Divide and Conquer Machine Quilting and Creative Machine Quilting. (Get 50% off either class HERE)

Now that you know a wide variety of motifs, the question becomes how to design the machine quilting on the quilt tops YOU have.

We will discuss a wide variety of quilt types–including quilting on embroidered blocks.  I know many of you create gorgeous embroidery-both hand and machine designs.  We will give you some really fun ideas for quilting embroidered blocks.

I have been saving these adorable vintage tea towels for just the right project and I can’t wait for you to see the finished quilt!

What about YOU?

Do YOU do machine or hand embroidery?

Do YOU ever add your embroidery to quilt blocks?

Do YOU collect anything vintage?

We’d LOVE to hear!


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