Doodle Holly for Best Machine Quilting Results

How to Doodle Holly, Lori Kennedy

Good Morning, Quilters!

I’m soooo far behind!  After our trip to Chicago, I used all my creative energy (and physical energy) decorating the house for Christmas.  My husband and I are crazy about Christmas. We have an entire storage room dedicated to lights, wreaths, candles, ornaments, linens, art work, vases………..That’s a lot of trips up and down the stairs!

Unfortunately, I did not get to the Tuesday Tutorial….

Fortunately,  BERNINA’s blog, We All Sew is featuring my Pine Bough and Holly tutorial today-including a short video of the stitching process.

It’s fun to watch and I think it is very helpful for many people to see the video as well as to have the step-outs.

How to Doodle Holly, Lori Kennedy


Of course, you should DOODLE FIRST!

Doodling is the fastest way to learn a motif and create the muscle memory required for smooth stitching.

If you hesitate for a fraction of a second while stitching-the line will be less fluid.

The more you doodle, the better your quilting will look!

How to Doodle Holly, Lori Kennedy

Once you know how to doodle the Holly and Pine Bough, use the motif to decorate your notepad, or Christmas packages, or stationery….

How to Doodle Holly, Lori Kennedy

Remember when it comes to doodling, 

and candy and people and presents and Christmas decorations

The More, The Merrier!


Lori Claus

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The Holly Leaf-A Free Motion Quilting Tutorial

Holly, Free Motion Quilting Tutorial

Merry Tuesday Quilters! Welcome new followers AND faithful friends!   We glad you  made it here in time for the Christmas whirlwind of free motion quilting tutorials and fun!     With just five weeks until Christmas, we better get started on our holiday projects!

 We are going to keep you busy here at The Inbox Jaunt –-I’ve got more than sugarplums dancing in my head!  We’ll be working on candy cane striping, pine boughs, snowflakes, ornaments and much more…

Today, we’ll start with the most iconic of Christmas motifs, The Holly Leaf.

Holly, Free Motion Quilting Tutorial

Begin by drawing three lines, equidistant apart.  In the sample below, the “rails” are one inch apart.

Begin stitching on the center rail.  Stitch a curved line up and to the left rail.  Make a sharp point and stitch a curved line, finishing again on the left rail.

Holly, Free Motion Quilting Tutorial

Stitch a slightly curved line and stop on the center rail.

Holly, Free Motion Quilting Tutorial

Stitch the right side of the Holly Leaf

Holly, Free Motion Quilting Tutorial

Return to the starting point–but leave a small space as an “escape”–where you can later stitch out of the leaf without stitching over another line.

Holly, Free Motion Quilting Tutorial

From the bottom of the leaf, echo back around the Holly Leaf–Do this by stitching on the INSIDE of the leaf.

Holly, Free Motion Quilting Tutorial

When you reach the bottom of the leaf, stitch up and through the tip of the leaf to begin the next Holly Leaf in the chain.

Holly, Free Motion Quilting Tutorial

When you have completed the entire row of Holly Leaves, stitch back through the center of the leaves and add a few berries and ribbons.

Holly, Free Motion Quilting Tutorial

For a beautiful ribbon-effect add spirals as filler around the leaves to fill in the margins. The Spirals are reminiscent of holly berries and give it a very festive look.

Holly, Free Motion Quilting Tutorial

A row of Holly Berries would look lovely down the center of a table runner for your Christmas feast or a few leaves would look lovely in the corner of a dinner napkin.

Whether you are stitching on a long arm or on a domestic sewing machine like I do -(I stitch on a Bernina 820 or Bernina 150.) -this pattern is easy–a Beginner Pattern.  I stitched this on Kona cotton with Aurifil 50 wt in the bobbin and Sulky 45wt in the top.  I used a Schmetz 80 Universal needle.

Check in tomorrow–I have a small project that includes these gorgeous leaves and on Open Line Friday this week we’ll be discussing how to squeeze in a little quilting time during this busy season!

From my workshop to yours,


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