I Love Home-Block One and a Giveaway!


Jacquelynne Steeves, I Love Home, Block OneGood Afternoon, Quilters!

Welcome to all the quilters joining us from the I Love Home blog hop!

Today is the first day of the Jacquelynne Steves Block of the month project.  There are eight quilters participating–a great chance to see one quilt completed eight different ways as well as an opportunity to meet 8 new bloggers!  WIN-WIN!

Speaking of WIN–each month YOU will have an opportunity to win great prizes by visiting new websites.

All of the patterns are offered at Jacquelyn’s’ website FREE!  Just sign up at The Art of Home HERE.


When you sign up you will receive the pattern for Block One today.  (The other blocks will be available FREE each month).

https://jacquelynnesteves.comAs you can see, I changed the color way.  I used a medium blue fabric in the center because I plan to machine quilt (with a Aurifil 28wt cotton thread) the motifs in the center of each block– (most quilters are appliquéing the houses in the center).

Jacquelynne Steeves, I Love Home, Block OneAURIFIL THREAD GIVEAWAY

Aurifil Thread is sponsoring the  Block One giveaway!  Thank you, Aurifil! Aurifil 50wt cotton is the perfect thread to use in both the bobbin and on top when piecing this lovely quilt.  When we begin quilting it, my choice is 28wt cotton by Aurifil–the heavier weight shows our quilted line better!

Win one of the thread collections by leaving a comment at an of the designers who are participating in the blog hop.  YOU have eight chances to win!  You must leave a comment by August 14!

Aurifil Thread GiveawayA FEW TIPS

Time Saving Techniques

The center of the four blocks are all the same, so it will save time if you stitch four at once.
Jacquelynne Steeves, I Love Home, Block OneThe corner squares are all the same as well--so stitch all 16!
Jacquelynne Steeves, I Love Home, Block OnePIECING TIPS


I always piece with Aurifil 50 wt in both the top and the bobbin.  We will use the heavier weight-Aurifil (28wt) cotton when we begin machine quilting. (More on that to come)

Machine Set-up

For best piecing technique, be sure to use a single hole throat plate.  The smaller hole helps support the fabric from below and the needle can pierce the fabric more readily–less jamming and better stitch formation.

A Favorite Tool

Have your stiletto handy–it really helps feed the pieces through the machine–especially as you feed each new piece under the presser foot.

Jacquelynne Steeves, I Love Home, Block One

When you’re done, give the block a quick pressing and admire your work!
Jacquelynne Steeves, I Love Home, Block One
Be sure to check back frequently-

We will be doodling some options for the center block quilting–to make our quilts look like HOME!

Happy Homemaking!


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WIN Thread!! Sulky Pink Giveaway!


Good Morning, Quilters!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Statistics show that 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer in her lifetime…that means that 1250 of The Inbox Jaunt’s 10,000 followers will face breast cancer!


The best way to fight breast cancer is to have a plan that helps you detect breast cancer in its early stages.

Read more at The National Breast Cancer Foundation HERE.


In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, Sulky is offering the Pretty Pink Giveaway– 18 spools of their gorgeous thread:  40 wt Rayon (one of my go-to threads–see below), 40 wt cotton and 12 wt cotton –to one lucky winner.


Please leave a comment--anything you want to say about Breast Cancer, thread, or just write:  “Pretty in Pink”

One lucky winner will be chosen at random on Friday.

Sulky Thread, Machine Quilting, Lori Kennedy


Learn the warning signs of Breast Cancer HERE

Read about Breast Cancer Prevention and Early Detection HERE

Take a Breast Cancer Risk Assessment HERE

Consider a donation to one of the many Breast Cancer organizations.

Spread the word–encourage your family and friends to learn more about Breast Cancer prevention.

Enter to win the Sulky Pretty Pink Giveaway.


Whatever you choose to do this October, remember YOU can make a difference…








Fast and Easy or Slow and Steady? Open Line Friday

Machine Quilting, Fill Designs, Fast and EasyGood Morning, Quilters and Fitness Pros!

It’s been a busy week for all of us and next week I have some BIG NEWS to share…

In the mean time, how’s it going with our first challenge in #theinboxjaunts #losethosefatquarters?

Don’t forget, we are Running (or walking) for the Roses.  Keep your eye on the prize:

Roses, Machine Quilting, Lori Kennedy

Of course, THE REAL PRIZE is health and fitness!

Our plan for this week:

  • Be aware of our sedentary/active time balance…in other words, how much time do we spend sitting???
  • Make a decision to MOVE MORE–No Excuses!
  • Write achievable goals–and keep the promises we make to ourselves.
  • Reward ourselves with quilting time (not food).
  • Continually evaluate and adjust.

With that last point in mind…

How is it going?

What is working?  What is not?  

For me…I did well increasing my active time and have kept my exercise goal of walking 4 miles 4 times this week.

What’s not working…writing down my sedentary time…I need a daily calendar or something.  Perhaps just a way to mark every half hour of sitting without moving….Not sure–

What worked for YOU?

What didn’t?

And What’s YOUR NEW plan?  If something is not working, make a new plan ASAP!


Just a quick reminder…when it comes to fitness and health…

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

If you are looking for Fast and Easy–try machine quilting–I am over at BERNINA’s blog, We All Sew, with three Fast and Easy quilting motifs!

Happy Mother’s Day,

Lori (Mother of six, Grandmother of 1 –with one on the way!!!)

PS…All tutorials, images and information are the property of Lori Kennedy at The Inbox Jaunt and are intended for personal use only.  Feel free to re-blog, pin or share with attribution to The Inbox Jaunt.  For all other purposes, please contact me at lckennedy@hotmail.com.  Thanks!