Free Motion Quilting -Quick Tips

Free Motion Quilting - TipsGood morning, Quilters!

Today–A Free Motion Quilting Quick Tip:  Escapes

Adding this little skill to your “bag of tricks” can dramatically improve the look of your free motion quilting!

Whenever stitching a “shape-within-a-shape”  motif–for example,  a leaf with stems in the center, or a flower with a stamen…

Leave a small opening in the bottom of the shape.  It will still “read” as a closed shape…

Free Motion Quilting - TipsLeaving this small gap allows the INNER stitching line to exit without a stitching over any previous line of stitching.

Free Motion Quilting - TipsThe “closed leaf” below looks messy with “overstitching”…

Free Motion Quilting - Tips


Free Motion Quilting - TipsFor other examples of leaving an “escape”  take a look at The Basic Leaf,  The Closed Umbrella, The Open Umbrella, and many of the other motifs found on The Free Motion Quilt Motif Page.

Using an ESCAPE to avoid “stitchovers” will give YOUR quilts an instantly improved appearance!

Give it a try!

Happy Stitches,


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