Fantasy Flowers-A Machine Quilting Tutorial

Good Morning, Quilters!

Here in Minnesota, winter is already upon us!  The temperatures have been below freezing and we’ve even had several snowfalls…Argh!!!..I am not ready for winter!

The only flowers left are in my imagination–so today we have “Fantasy Flowers“!

Stitch a bouquet of Fantasy Flowers on a child’s quilt or a Modern quilt.  (Of course, don’t hesitate to add it to a Traditional quilt as well–the unexpected bit of whimsy adds personality to your quilts!)

The Fantasy Flower is shown here as an all over motif, but it could easily modified for a border.


Begin by stitching a short, straight line.  Add a counter-clockwise spiral over the top of the stem line.
Stitch one and a half revolutions, and stop near the stem line. Add a squared off petal stop before reaching the spiral–leave a small gap here.Add more petals around the spiral.Complete the flower–again leaving space around the spiral.
Travel around the spiral…then add a straight line to begin the next Fantasy Flower.

NOTE-by leaving the space around the spiral, you can travel anywhere within the flower and begin a new flower between any of the petals.  This is very helpful when stitching all-over motifs.

Doodle first and this motif will be a breeze!

Or use your imagination to create your own “Fantasy Flower”!


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What about YOU?

Are YOU ready for winter?  (Or is it summer where YOU live?)

What do you do to prepare for winter?

Do YOU quilt more in winter?

We’d LOVE to hear!



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