Open Line Friday – Fabric Markers

Micron Pens, Fabric markersHurray!  It’s Friday…

Time for another Open Line Friday…Please ask away…No question is too big or too small.   Also, please help answer questions…as a group we have a lot of experience.  So join in!  The More, The Merrier!

I’ll start by commenting on the Mystery Whole Cloth Quilt-a-Long.  (By the way, if you haven’t joined in, it is not too late…You could easily catch up with the group!)


I know a lot of you are struggling with the Zig Zag…and I think a little struggling is okay…that’s how we improve.  However, The Zig Zag is not critical to the design of this quilt and it is more important that you enjoy the process.  No one should be discouraged, nor should you spend inordinate amounts of time on The Zig Zag.  If you are struggling, replace the Zig Zag with a gentle wavy line.  Double this line IF it would be fun and a reasonable challenge for you.  If not, skip it.  Later in the project, you will be able to go back and add the extra line IF YOU WANT to do so…

I would rather see you do any free motion quilted line than a programmed stitch or a “feed dogs UP”  design.


Today, I have a question for the group:  What are YOUR favorite permanent marking pens for fabric?  Can you recommend any good articles, links, tips about using marking pens on fabric?


Last week someone asked about storing bobbins and you all had great ideas!

I have two favorites:  The Bobbin Saver  and a wooden bobbin spool rack.

Thread Saver Bobbin HolderThe Bobbin rack is found at JoAnn Fabrics.  I use it of the Bernina 820 bobbins which are too large to fit in the Bobbin Saver above.

Bobbin HolderNow it’s YOUR turn…What are YOUR Questions and Answers!


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