Loose Screws-A Machine Quilting Tutorial

Loose Screws, Spirals, Machine Quilting, Lori Kennedy

Good Morning, Quilters!

I don’t want any commentary from the peanut gallery–(especially family…)–about the name of today’s tutorial…

Before we get to work…


Many of you have received your copies of The Book…

Now the question is…how many of YOU read it thoroughly?

Did YOU read the Dedication page?  (It’s one of the last pages of the book….?)

I’m not telling….YOU will have to see for yourself!

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We continue our “Make New Friends” series with the BERNINA Ambassador blog tour…

Yesterday we met Kelly Ashton, Lynn Carson Harris, Diane Doran and Melody Crust...

Today you are in for a real treat!

Kathy Delaney (Appliqué)

Christa Watson, (Modern piecing and machine quilting), and

Mandy Leins, (Modern Long Arm quilting)

Machine Quilting, Lori Kennedy

Now don’t be gone too long….

We have a FEW LOOSE SCREWS to Machine Quilt!

Begin by drawing parallel lines–In the sample below, the lines are one inch apart.

Stitch a wavy line along the drawn line, then stitch a clockwise loop.


Loose Screws, Spirals, Machine Quilting, Lori Kennedy

Continue stitch clockwise…

Loose Screws, Spirals, Machine Quilting, Lori Kennedy

Around and around…as many times as you like.

Two or three looks nice…

But so does five, six, seven….

Loose Screws, Spirals, Machine Quilting, Lori Kennedy

As you approach the drawn line…stitch another wavy line and begin a counter clockwise spiral…

(Does this look musical to anyone????–we may have a new motif in the works!?!)

Loose Screws, Spirals, Machine Quilting, Lori Kennedy

Stitch a full row of Loose Screws from Edge to Edge…

Then add more rows…

The spirals can be all different sizes.

Loose Screws, Spirals, Machine Quilting, Lori Kennedy

Be sure to Doodle first! 

And get right on this one–we need it for next week’s tutorial–The Daffodil!

If you like Loose Screws--you may also like Silly Spirals

They are similar-Silly Spirals are a little easier to learn because there is a place to stop and think before your begin the Spirals.  On the other hand, Loose Screws are a little more challenging to learn, but once you do, they are faster to stitch!

Silly Spirals, Machine Quilting, Lori Kennedy

I know I say this all the time…but I think both of these motifs are my new favorites!

What about YOU?

Do YOU have any new favorites?

We’d LOVE to hear!


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