Excited About an Iron!?

Cordless Iron

Good Morning, Quilters!

I must confess, ironing is like dusting to me–I rarely see the need–unless I’m quilting, of course!  I will throw my clothes away  in the dryer for a few minutes if ironing is required.

Whenever I go to a quilt show or market,  I scour the shops for exciting new supplies, notions, ideas…

Last month, at Quilt Expo in Wisconsin, this little gem caught my eye.  A cordless iron–the Panasonic Freestyle Cordless Iron!   

Now that is exciting!!!

Part of my frustration with ironing is the cord.  It is always in my way!  No more twirling and twisting to get the cord out-of-the-way!  And, won’t this be great when you’ve basted a quilt and you see a few spots that need ironing?  Or when you just need a little spot pressing and you don’t want to drag your entire quilt over to the ironing board?  You won’t need to get an extension cord!  Perfect!

The only thing that is different (besides the missing cord)–you have to put the iron in the base every time you set it down-to re-heat. The shop owner was extolling the virtues of the pointy shape–pointy on both ends, not just one.  I’m not sure that has helped me in anyway…but it hasn’t hurt either.  I have only owned this iron for a few weeks but I  love it already!  I talked to a friend who has owned hers for more than a year and she is very happy with it!

I guess what’s old is new again!

Using Starch, Sizing, Best Press in QuiltingWhat about YOU?

Do YOU hate to iron?  Do YOU iron outside of quilting?

Or do YOU LOVE to iron–I have several family members that iron for pleasure!

We’d LOVE to hear!


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Happier Pressing!


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