Ghost Town General Store


As I mentioned earlier in the week, my family and I traveled to Colorado last weekend for the wedding of my niece.

While there, we visited the St. Elmo ghost town.  This silver and gold mining town flourished from the 1880s to around 1920, when the last mine closed.  Some say that the buildings are haunted by Annabelle Anton, the daughter of one of the leading families in St. Elmo, and the last resident to leave.  She was known as “Dirty Annie” in her latter days because she walked around town in filthy clothes, tangled hair, and toting a shot-gun.  The town officially died in 1958 when the postmaster died and the post office closed.

Currently, the remnants of nearly 20 building remain and there is an effort to restore the historic town.   The jail is restored and you can walk through it and the General Store is open, but most of the buildings are shuttered.  Through the windows, you can see of the flotsam and jetsam of an earlier age:  iron stoves, dishes, horse shoes, bottles…

I’d love to hear about your local ghost town…it seems we all have one!


Ghost Town Jaunt

Over the weekend, my family and I had the great pleasure of traveling to Colorado’s San Isabel National Forest for my niece’s wedding.  It was a lovely outdoor wedding…the weather was perfect and the fall color was at its peak.

The aspens positively glowed against the dark green spruces and the clear blue skies.  San Isabel is in the Collegiate Mountain Range and is known for its many “fourteeners”-mountain peaks over 14,000 feet.

In between the wedding festivities, we had time to hike, luxuriate in the natural hot springs, and visit a ghost town!

St. Elmo was once a gold and silver mining town of nearly 2000 residents.  Now it is a ghost town….and some even say it is haunted…

As with most vacations, we came back rejuvenated and happy…and delighted to have our phone and internet access once again!