Finished! Flower Fantasy

Hand Applique, Hand EmbroideredFlower Fantasy-An Embroidered Quilt

Hand Applique, Hand Embroidered FlowersI did it- A finished quilt in 2014!  Help me celebrate!

Hand Applique, Hand Embroidered FlowersI started this quilt many years ago   (Read more HERE)  but dropped the project because the colors seemed too bright and there were areas of embroidery that I didn’t like.

Hand Applique, Hand Embroidered FlowersWhen I found it in a box earlier this year–I was in need of a little strong color in my world, so I started working on the embroidery again.

Hand Applique, Hand Embroidered FlowersBy ripping out a few areas of stitching, I was able to resurrect this project into something I like.   This is typical of my work flow.  I often get to a stage where I dislike my work and abandon the project.  When enough time has passed, and whatever frustration is long forgotten,  I am able to look at the quilt with fresh eyes and less harsh criticism.  Then I can enjoy the project again.

Hand Applique, Hand Embroidered FlowersI think I will frame this little quilt and will be glad to have a garden of flowers even in February!

What’s your work flow like?  Do you ever abandon projects and revive them much later?  I’d love to hear!

Now that you’ve dug up all your UFO’s (Read more HERE and HERE)  Have you found any diamonds-in-the-rough?

Happy Stitching,


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Flower Fantasia

Applique, Hand Quilting, FlowersHere’s a bright-colored little a gem I found while I was cleaning the other day.  A long forgotten project inspired by the work of Susan Shie.  See more images here.

Hand applique, Hand Quilting, FlowersThis is raw edge applique heavily embroidered with embroidery floss.

Hand applique, Hand Quilting, FlowersI have many hours stitched into this quilt, but I think I dropped it because it was just too much…

Hand applique, Hand Quilting, FlowersWith winter blanketing us with white, gray and more white, somehow this quilt seems just the perfect antidote–not too much at all!

Hand applique, Hand Quilting, Flowers

Hand applique, Hand Quilting, Flowers

That’s pretty typical for me.  I start a project, lose interest for a while and pick it back up much later.  What about YOU?  Do you work on a project from beginning to end or do you let it “incubate” for a while?

Love to hear!



Choosing Thread Color

Thread Color

Once again, I would like to welcome all the new followers from around the world who have joined us here at The Inbox Jaunt.  We have been joined by a large group of quilters from France, sent to us by Emma Coutancier of L’Atelier d Emma.  Thank you, Emma!  See her lovely blog HERE.

Today, I would like to discuss thread color choices.  For each project, it is a good idea to do a fairly large sample on the fabric and batting that you plan to use in your quilt.  This will give you a sense of how your thread color will look on the finished quilt.  You will be spending a great deal of time quilting your quilt, so don’t rush this step.

In the samples below, I compared rayon threads of three color types.

For the first sample, I chose a thread that is a shade darker than the fabric.  It blends in well and gives the quilt a slightly darker, heavier look.

Thread Color

Next, I tried a thread that is a shade lighter than the fabric.  It also blends in well, and gives a brighter feel to the project.  I definitely like this better.  The quilting “pops” and you can see the stitching quite well.

Thread Color

My third test was a variegated thread.  I rarely use variegated threads as I think they distract from the quilting line.  However, I  like how it looks in this motif.  Perhaps variegated thread seems more appropriate when stitching leaves and flowers because it mirrors nature.  Also, the choice of variations within the thread makes a big difference.  I tend to like the more subtle transitions of color within the thread.

Thread Color

Finally, I tried my favorite thread–an off white thread.  The quilting “pops” and the pattern is easy to see.

Thread Color

All are good choices depending on the project.  This time,  I am going to break out of my comfort zone a little  and go wild–I will use the variegated thread.

Thread Color

What would you chose?

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