Free Motion Quilting-Mini Christmas Quilt

Free Motion Quilting, Trees, Presents

After completing the sample for yesterday’s free motion quilt tutorial, The Chevron,  I stitched this mini Christmas quilt using The Chevron to create the trees.  The quilt is six inches square and I think I will frame it.

Free motion quilting tutorial, Chevron

I’m toying with the idea of opening an Etsy shop with a few framed pieces.  Does anyone have any experience selling on Etsy?  I’ve bought several darling things from Etsy in the past…just wonder if I have the time…

Free Motion Quilting, Trees, Presents

Below, is my new BEST FRIEND — I began using them last week after I reviewed my dangerous work habits (see HERE and Cautionary Tale HERE)— I really like using the tweezers and don’t know how I ever stitched without them!

I hope you will find them to be a faithful friend as well!

Free Motion Quilting, Trees, Presents

For more Christmas Trees–make sure you try these trees, too!  and you might also like Christmas tree quilt HERE.

On Friday, we will be talking about Needle Selection and one of our readers would like YOUR help with monofilament thread-her needles keep breaking—Love to hear what you all think of monofilament thread and how you use it!

Keep stitching.  Buy yourself some tweezers.  And Keep Doodling,


Free Motion Quilting Tutorial-The Chevron

Free motion quilting tutorial, ChevronIt’s Tuesday–and that can mean only one thing here at The Inbox Jaunt--It’s time for another FREE free motion quilt tutorial!  Today we are stitching The Chevron.  The Chevron is a beginner free motion quilt motif, and whether you are stitching on a domestic sewing machine like I do ( I stitch on a Bernina 820) or on a long arm machine, you will find this lovely pattern fast and fun.  When stitched in rows in looks like a herringbone pattern.  Perhaps that is why I think of it as an autumn pattern??

Like the Two Triangles  free motion quilt tutorial from last week, The Chevron looks fabulous on any quilt with triangles.   Also, it easily morphs into a gorgeous pine tree or Christmas tree.  Continue reading