Sewing with Renoir



Good Morning, Quilters!

I’m back from a week in Chicago.  I spent half the week at the BERNINA Ambassador Reunion at their (inspiring) Creative Center (much more on that coming soon) and the other half with my husband, daughter and son taking in the sights, sounds and food of downtown Chicago.

The view from the John Hancock building were spectacular!

The food:  Chicago pizza, Italian beefs, Steak house steak…was amazing!


But my favorite–the 90 minutes we spent at The Art Institute of Chicago.


Ninety minutes were too much for my teenage son!

How I wish I had three days…

to sew with Renoir…and the Impressionists!

It just charges my battery to be there.


Everyone loved the Thorne Miniatures--especially the ones dressed for Christmas.



What about YOU?

What inspires YOU?

We’d LOVE to hear!


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Where’s the Caboose?

Something unusual happened to me last week–I was delayed by a freight train.

As I sat there waiting, I became a bit nostalgic.  My husband and I were raised just outside Chicago–where long train delays are a daily frustration.  Chicago boasts the greatest number of lines coming in to and out of any city in North America, and prides itself for hauling the most freight-mostly coal and farm products.

Minnesota is only eighth in its railroad lines and carries primarily iron ore and farm products.  Fortunately for Minnesota residents, waiting for a train is a rare phenomenon.

So, I sat there reminiscing, enjoying the sounds of the wheels and the squeaking of the couplings as they went down the tracks.  Reflexively, I was counting…1, 2, 3, caboose….1, 2, 3, caboose…The last car came into sight and the gates chimed their opening, but I felt a little cheated–the last car– was just another boxcar.  What happened to cabooses?