Spring Quilt-a-Long: Borders and Layering

Good Morning, Quilters!

By the end of today we will have a pieced quilt top and a quilt sandwich, ready for (my favorite part) quilting!

Yesterday, we completed the HST triangles and stitched all the rows together.

Today:  Borders and Layering the Quilt Sandwich


The Spring Sampler has top and bottom borders only–of course, YOU should be your own designer!

Measuring and Cutting the Borders:


My sisters are both excellent quilters and they do not like my method…Use the method that works best for you…

(If it’s my method be sure to comment–so my sisters see who is always right.

If you like their method better–HUSH!  We don’t want them to start a competitive blog…)

MY SISTERS’ METHOD  Measure across the middle, measure across each edge–find the average and cut the border the average width.


I use a no-mark border method for all of my quilt borders–from very large to very small.

In my not-always-humble opinion, or maybe it’s just me…taking three measurements can induce error.

Press the top well.

Lay it out on a table–very straight.  (If the quilt is large, fold it in half lengthwise and fold the border in half lengthwise)

Align the border on a horizontal line in the middle of the quilt.  It must very straight.

Spring Quilt-a-Long, Lori Kennedy

Trim the sides even with the edges of the quilt top.

That’s it!  Perfect border size!

Spring Quilt-a-Long, Lori Kennedy

Place the border on the quilt top, right sides together.  Pin the edges, then the middle and ease the border onto the quilt top.

Spring Quilt-a-Long, Lori Kennedy


When I auditioned the border fabric, it seemed perfect…but once it was stitched in place, I wasn’t so sure…

I hate when that happens…

Spring Quilt-a-Long, Lori Kennedy

Maybe it was too wide…

Spring Quilt-a-Long, Lori Kennedy

Even folded over to a narrower width, it wasn’t singing to me.

Darn it!

I unstitched it and added a solid border.

The solid border looks a little boring now, but once we add the magic of machine quilting…

Spring Quilt-a-Long, Lori Kennedy


Cut the backing fabric 2-3 inches larger than the quilt top.  (More if it’s a large quilt).

Prep the backing by pressing well with a little spray starch or sizing.  This will help the quilt slide while machine quilting.

Secure it–right side down–to a table top.  Use tape or clamps.

Spring Quilt-a-Long, Lori Kennedy

Cut the batting the same size as the backing.

I used Warm and Natural (The Warm Company) cotton batting for my first Spring Sampler and am trying Warm and Plush for this one.  Warm and Plush is described as “the warmest natural quilt batting”–“Perfect for loved ones that can never seem to get warm”–yep, that’s me!!

It will be interesting to see how they compare.

I did not pre-soak either one. (Another day’s comparison.)

Spring Quilt-a-Long, Lori Kennedy

Layer the batting on top of the backing.

Place the quilt top in the center.

Baste the quilt top with pins or spray.

I used Sulky KK2000-It’s odorless, clear and non-toxic.  I felt comfortable using it indoors.  KK 2000 is a temporary spray–it only lasts a few days…but I have found it helps hold things together for a lot longer when I’m quilting a small project.

Spray the back of the batting. Smooth it over the backing.

Spray the top of the batting.  Layer your quilt on top and smooth.

Do not press the quilt top–Ironing removes the adhesive.

Spring Quilt-a-Long, Lori Kennedy


Our blank canvas is ready to quilt!!!

Spring Quilt-a-Long, Lori Kennedy

We will start next Tuesday.

Be ready.

Have YOUR quilt sandwich prepared!

Speaking of prepared sandwiches…

Here’s What Gaby’s cooking!  Looks delicious!

And my daughter made these Moroccan Chicken Skewers said they were fabulous, too!

I must be hungry again…maybe I should eat a better breakfast?


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A New Quilt-a-Long and a SALE!

Border and HST Quilt-a-Long, Lori Kennedy

Good Morning, Quilters!

Mother’s Day is just around the corner!  YOU and your mother would love:


Order a personalized, autographed copy Free Motion Machine Quilting 1-2-3 from the Etsy Shop HERE…

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Free Motion Machine Quilting 1-2-3


Hurray!  YOU asked for it!

More quilt-a-longs!

This week we are starting a new quilt-a-long and this time it is not a mystery quilt and it is not a whole cloth quilt.

This quilt is designed to help you visualize motifs in different settings.

There are four different borders and four different ways to quilt half square triangles.

Border and HST Quilt-a-Long, Lori Kennedy


Choose a color scheme.  (I was thinking about lilacs–and I had some HST (half square triangles) leftover from another project…)

Collect fabrics.

Fabric Requirements:

  • Fat Quarter Solid for “bars”   (I used Boundless solids on Clearance from Craftsy HERE:

Boundless Solids Lucky Day Precut Fabric – $17.00
from: Craftsy

  • Fat Quarter Solid or print for top and bottom borders.  (it’s not showing up well here–my top and bottom borders are a yellow on green print)
  • Scraps of lights or whites for half square triangles,
  • Scraps of prints for half square triangles.
  • Fat quarter for backing
  • Fat quarter for binding
  • Batting


Border and HST Quilt-a-Long, Lori KennedyMake the Half Square Triangle units.

Need 40  2 inch (finished) half square triangle units.

Stitch ten together in a row.–Four rows of ten.

Use YOUR favorite method for stitching the HSTs.  Later this week I will show a few of my favorite methods.

Border and HST Quilt-a-Long, Lori Kennedy


YOU might want to make some other design decisions.

For example, this pattern would work perfectly well if you made it twice as long…a long, narrow table runner might suit your table or wall better…

Or…you could make it much larger…maybe YOU have large HST leftover from a different project–use them!

Add five rows of triangles–or ten and make it a lap quilt or larger…

Whatever works for YOU


The purpose of this quilt-a-long is to help you take motifs you like and turn them into a useable pattern for YOUR quilts!

So let’s get quilting!!!!

I can’t wait to see what you create!

And don’t forget the limited time FREE SHIPPING on Etsy!

Merrily we quilt-a-long, quilt-long, quilt-a-long….


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I NEEDED These Scissors!

Tula Pink Scissors

Good Morning, Quilters!

I recognize the line between Needs and Wants is blurry–especially when it comes to quilt notions….

But when I saw these colorful Tula Pink scissors–they went straight to the need category!

I wasn’t sure about the snips…but who doesn’t like a matched set??

–like a sweater set…(am I showing my age?!)

So both the iridescent scissors and the snips came home with me…(insert smiley face!)

Tula Pink Scissors

Once I tried the snips…I realized they were actually a NEED too!  I’ve always used small scissors to snip my threads.  Now I’m a convert!


In other news, I just received a package from my publisher, Martingale, with all the samples and quilts I sent off for my book.

This version of The Square Flower (page 96) didn’t make the book…

(One can’t take these things personally-LOL!)

Tula Pink Scissors

I wanted to demonstrate that the Square Flower can be stitched into any shape–like diamonds shown here.

Wouldn’t this be a fabulous quilt border???

Lori Kennedy, Machine Quilting

I think I will go buy a bouquet of yellow Daffodils…

What about YOU?

Any great finds at YOUR local quilt shop lately?

Have you tried any motifs from Free Motion Machine Quilting 1-2-3?

We’d LOVE to hear!


PS…Confession:  (I have to admit…the Tula Pink scissors weren’t the only “needs” from my last trip…more next week…ssshhhhhh!)

PS…All tutorials, images and information are the property of Lori Kennedy at The Inbox Jaunt and are intended for personal use only.  Feel free to re-blog, pin or share with attribution to The Inbox Jaunt.  For all other purposes, please contact me at lckennedy@hotmail.com.  Thanks!