Celebrating Five Years of Blogging with a New Banner!!!

The Inbox Jaunt, Machine Quilting, Lori KennedyGood Morning, Quilters!

When a UFO lingers too long…giving yourself a deadline (and telling 10,000 people about it) really helps!

I stitched the letters for this quilt top more than two years ago…

Then I added a border six months ago…

Then I started quilting it last week…

And thanks to YOU it is finished!

Next time someone asks “How long does it take you to make a quilt like that?”

We all know the answer—too long!

The Inbox Jaunt, Machine Quilting, Lori Kennedy


I added the pebble frame to soften the hard lines of the center square.  Next, I added the flowers in the corners, but then I was unsure how to proceed….

I knew I wanted the corner flowers to stand as a mini-focal point and I wanted to accentuate the shape of the curvy frame.

To make the corner flowers stand out, I used design contrast.

First, thread contrast-the leaves that are adjacent to the flowers are in a solid color green that blends with the background fabric–they create more texture than design.

Second, density contrast-the leaves are more closely spaced, denser, than the open flowers in the corners.


The Inbox Jaunt, Machine Quilting, Lori KennedyI also wanted to accentuate the shape of the frame.

To do this, I could have left it completely open–that would have allowed it to pop, but I think it would have looked “naked” or unfinished.

I chose to use narrow, straight line stitching that contrasted with the flowers that surrounded it.

I used BERNINA’s Ruler Foot!

It took forever! I am sooooo slow at Ruler Work!  (I am gradually learning –more on that soon!)

The Inbox Jaunt, Machine Quilting, Lori KennedyTHE CENTER BLOCK

I had stitched in the ditch around the lettering, but it seemed to need a bit more.

Repeating the String of Pearls from the frame and Varying it was the perfect touch!

Once that was complete, the light green sashing needed something–and I have loved Rick-Rack since childhood…

The Inbox Jaunt, Machine Quilting, Lori KennedyAll in all, I am rather pleased with The Inbox Jaunt!

Celebrating 5 Years of Blogging with a Banner!

Party invitations and prizes to come!

What about YOU?

Do YOU have any projects that could use a deadline?

Wanna tell 10,000 friends about it?

We will hold YOU accountable!

We’d LOVE to hear!


Your Faithful Blogger,


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