Doodle Quilt Design

Doodle Quilt Design, Lori Kennedy

Good Morning, Quilters and Doodlers!

It’s been a long time since we doodled!  I’ve been spending a lot of creative energy on a big project…I’ll tell you more tomorrow…consequently,

I haven’t been doing my doodling homework!

I hope YOU have been doodling!


All good quilting begins with a plan.

And a lot of doodling!

I recently designed a stitched a baby quilt for my friend’s granddaughter.  

After filling pages and pages, this was my final “draft”.  I still made a lot of changes in the final quilt, but I started with this basic framework and idea.

Whole Cloth Baby Quilt, Lori Kennedy


Today’s Doodle Lesson…

Start with a basic framework–just four wavy lines.

Doodle Quilt Design, Lori Kennedy

Double up a few of the lines–or all of them.

Doodle Quilt Design, Lori Kennedy

Then choose some of your favorite motifs and start filling in the lines.

Don’t over think it…

Doodle Quilt Design, Lori Kennedy

Once you have one draft completed, see what works and what you’d might want to change.

And start another…

Doodle Quilt Design, Lori Kennedy

And another,

And another,

The first one is almost NEVER the best one!

Are YOU inspired to quilt one?

We’d LOVE to hear!

And to see!

Have fun doodling–and don’t be afraid to ruin a few pages in your sketchbook!


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