Work in Progress-Applique Borders

Lori Kennedy, Machine Quilting, Applique, Boxes and VinesGood Morning, Quilters!

I have been keeping my pledge to work on my Boxes and Vines quilt–though I admit to some quite a few detours on small projects!

I think I need the small distractions–big quilts are still hard work–not just physically.  I have trouble focusing on one project at a time–it’s really not my nature.

However….I don’t let myself work on any other projects each day until I’ve stitched on Boxes and Vines for 15 minutes.

One day, I worked for three hours…another day it was just fifteen minutes. Then I was off chasing down a new rabbit hole.

Overall, it’s a plan that is working.

(Perhaps I need to apply the same approach to exercise–but then again that’s what the New Year is for!)


Last week, I wanted the squares in the border to “pop” so I quilted around them and did not add any quilting to the colorful squares. Read more HERE.

I am using a similar approach on the borders with all the appliqué.

First I stitch as close as possible to one of the applique elements to outline it, then I begin stitching a background fill motif.

Lori Kennedy, Machine Quilting, Applique, Boxes and Vines

I like to add decorative elements within the quilted line-like more leaves or feathers or pebbling to create more interest within the quilted line and to add more details to the vine border.

Lori Kennedy, Machine Quilting, Applique, Boxes and VinesI begin stitching around one appliqué and keep adding the background motifs until I “bump into” another appliqué.  Then I outline it and start working around the new element.

I continue “bumping” my way through the border until it is complete–(or until my fifteen minutes are up LOL).

As you can see, the appliqué “pops”.  I like that, however, it looks unfinished right now. I will go back and add a few details to each leaf and flower later. 
Lori Kennedy, Machine Quilting, Applique, Boxes and Vines


For the Boxes and Vines quilt I am using Aurifil 28wt cotton thread on top and Aurifil 50 wt cotton thread in the bobbin with a size 90 Topstitch needle.

There is already a lot of color in this quilt, so I decided to stitch white on white for a subtle texture effect with the machine quilting.

I am stitching on my beautiful BERNINA 770QE-but there is exciting news on this front…

Coming soon…


What about YOU?

Did YOU make The Pledge to work on The Most Important Quilt in YOUR Collection before all other distractions?

If not, make YOUR pledge today–right here in the comment section–

There are more than 10,000 of us to hold YOU accountable!

If you did keep The Pledge, tell us!  We want to cheer along with YOU!

Your Favorite Quilting Cheerleader,

Rah! Rah, Shish cum bah!


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Great Deals on Fabric, Thread and Classes!

Good Morning, Quilters!

I hope you will have a few minutes between basting the turkey and setting the table to do a little early shopping!

Craftsy has an AMAZING SALE –starts today and ends on Monday!

Stock up on classes for yourself and as gifts–in January you will be so glad you did!


All of my classes are included in the sale!

Creating a Quilting Plan:  Approaches for Any Quilt is my newest class and it is a mini class–one hour packed with information on how to choose the batting, motifs and thread for your quilt.  It includes a Roadmap, Design Worksheet and a Self-Evaluation in the course materials–be sure to download them–they are an important part of the class!  If you need a JUMPSTART to quilting your quilt tops–this class is for you!  We discuss options for embroidered and appliquéd quilts, quilts with a lot of negative space and more.  The class assumes you are familiar with a wide variety of motifs–from my other classes.Craftsy: Creating a Quilting Plan

Divide and Conquer:  Creative Quilting for Any Space is my first class and is chock full of motifs!   In the class, I demonstrate doodling and quilting more than 30 motifs.  Along the way we discuss marking tools, thread, the curlicue knot and six ways to divide your blocks and quilts to create a cohesive composition.


Divide and Conquer Quilting

Creative Free Motion Techniques:  From Doodle to Design builds on the first class with more motifs, tips and tricks including the surgeon’s Knot.   You will love the variety of motifs to add personality and fun to your quilts! Doodle to Design, Craftsy, Lori KennedyI HAVE BEEN SHOPPING!

I have already perused the notions and fabric sale and there are a few deals you should consider!

NOTE–The links are to Craftsy.  You will have to shop around to find the specific items.

Aurifil Thread.

Large spools (1422 yards) of 50wt thread is $8.40 and less than $7.00 per spool in some of the collections!

I use this thread for construction and in the bobbin for all of my machine quilting. (Craftsy does not offer the 28wt thread I love for the top thread when I am machine quilting.)

Organizing ThreadJune Tailor thread racks

I bought six of the large racks and hung them together on my sewing room wall to hold all some of my thread.  Read more HERE

Kona and Boundless Fabric

I use Kona and Boundless Solid Fabrics for all of my Tuesday Tutorials and whole cloth mini quilts.

Boundless is lighter weight than Kona, but has a nice assortment of colors.

Boundless is $4/yard and Kona Solids are $4.80/yard–the best price I have ever seen!  (I did not see any Kona bundles as shown below–darn it!)

Kona Cotton New Summer Colors CollectionMarking Tools

I’m always in the market for new marking tools. My favorite is chalk because it is easy to see and easy to erase.  I picked up a few variations of chalk markers as well as a few of the blue markers, The SewLine ceramic pencil and I couldn’t leave without a few new rulers (I’m a ruler hoarder!)

Okay, I bought a bunch of fabric collections too…(I’m in love with the Alison Glass fabrics and I found a Lily & Loom Work Zone collection with dump trucks…)


Treat yourself to quilting–way less calories than stuffing!

Always Thankful,


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Work in Progress–Poppies

Good Morning, Quilters!

I am behind on so many things…the dusting, cleaning cabinets, covering my roses…

One of the things that bothers me the most is being behind on The Flower of the Month Tutorials!

I am working on the August flower of the month–The Poppy.

After doodling several iterations in my sketchbook,  I came up with a continuous line design I liked.

Next, I tried stitching The Poppy.


When I think of a poppy, I think of a dramatic red flower with black accents, so I stitched The Poppy on red fabric with a variegated black and white thread.  (Seemed like a good plan…)

I was really happy with the results, until….

Poppies, Machine Quilting, Lori Kennedy

Yesterday I had Aurifil 28wt white cotton on my sewing machine so I tried The Poppy with the thicker, more contrasting thread.

What a difference!

The boldness of the contrasting thread re-creates the dramatic essence of poppies.

The motif looks even better than the earlier version in black thread.

Now I can’t wait to make a quilt with these bold flowers!

Step-by-step tutorial next Tuesday.
What about YOU?

My sisters (who are knitters) always ask “What’s on YOUR Needles?”

I guess the machine quilter’s version would be “What’s under YOUR needle?”

Any garden surprises?

We’d LOVE to hear!

Your Dramatic Queen Quilter,


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