33 thoughts on “Trunk Show of Quilts

  1. Just found your blog through Pinterest and have to tell you how very much I am enjoying it, all of it! I came here for the quilting tutorials, but really liked every part of it.

  2. Toutes mes félicitations, vos ouvrages sont magnifiques. J’ai pris connaissance de votre site grâce à L ATELIER D EMMA.
    Je vais suivre vos cours sur le piqué libre dès que possible. Les tutos sont très intéressants.
    Amitiés Patricia

    • Thank you, Patricia, for your kind words. I hope you have a chance to give all the tutorials a try. We are so glad that so many French quilters have found us through L Atelier D Emma!

  3. Hi Lori.your quilts are amazing and neatly done. I wish I could see them.I am from India and now in St.Paul till september 1st week.I made baby quilts,bead jewellery,bags n small articles .

  4. Are you pushing all these quilts thru your Bernina? You’d be right down dangerous if you used a mid arm or long arm quilting machine. You are amazingly creative and talented!! A great mid arm quilting machine I use is the Fusion by HandiQuilter.com Next time you go to a quilt show, try out some of the different types of quilting machines. Thanks for sharing all your original and very useful designs.

    • Thanks for the advice. I will try one. I looked into buying a Gammil years ago, but I couldn’t justify the cost or the space. I really have never looked at the mid-arms but now that you mention it…I would like to try one for a month or so–wish I could rent one…

      • I recently bought a Pfaff 16.0 Powerquilter, a sitdown, midarm quilting machine that I’m loving! WAY more affordable than a Gammil or the like…you should try one!

  5. I found your blog through Pinterest yesterday. All I can say is your works really blow me away. I thought you do FMQ on a long arm quilting machine at first. I was so wrong! You are so talented. I am going through your blog and tutorials slowly and enjoying reading it. So inspirational…..

  6. Just found your blog. Thanks so much for sharing your talent. I quilt with a Juki on a frame. I am hoping to try some of your FMQ tutorials with it. Just got a new Sapphire and will try some on that, too. You are an inspiration!

  7. I am always amazed at what you do. I constantly waver between “I can do that!” and “I’ll never be able do that.” I love your clean, simple, gorgeous designs and clear instructions. I have no desire or space for a long arm machine but love the idea of doing such beautiful work on my regular machine. Thank you, again, for your inspiration. You have talent! Merry Christmas!!

  8. I just found your site and love the quilt motifs you have. I guess I will have to give up my “loop-de-loop” and try some! What do you use for batting? Mine never looks puffy like yours, just flat. I use Warm ‘N Natural. Love your guilts!

  9. Just discovered your blog also and am so in awe! I have sewed since my teens years, smocked and made most of my girls clothes when they were small but just started quilting last year and naturally, am hooked. I just can’t imagine ever FMQing as good as you. Your work is so beautiful!!! Such an inspiration.

  10. Thank you so much for sharing all these patterns with us. And the work you do, just beautiful. I am just getting started with FMQ and must say addicted. Sharing your designs is just wonderful. I just FMQ with my old old old Kenmore with a very small throat area but hope I can try out some of your designs. Thank you. I’ve shared your site with my sister who also quilts and is just started FMQ.

  11. Really pleased to have found your blog. I am lucky enough to have a Gammill longarm machine and your inspiration has given me new ideas to try on my next top, which, hopefully, will be in the next few days. Thank you.
    I am in the UK.

  12. I suddenly found you again! Thank you for all the time you spend teaching online for us! My longarm has sat on the side wall for about a year with so many issues I wanted to take a baseball bat to it! Finally decided to pull it out, found someone to assist me and spent to last 2 days getting it adjusted. Last night I finally got to begin learning! Perfect timing to stumble upon an entry from you. I feel like it was a special gift. Today we have a brief road trip and my doodling book is going with me. Keeping my fingers crossed that I can find some time to get familiar with your techniques again.

  13. Really like quilt003 above. Do you have a picture of the entire quilt? I’ve been working on designing something similar in EQ7. It looks like a block of color within a block of color or a log cabin built with rail fence.

    Really enjoy your site and the free motion tutorials.

  14. Hi I haven’t worked on one since I was a child with my mom. I crochet but would like to quit. Walmart had a small pk $7.44. Im on a fixed income. Do you know how I could possibly get cheaper or maybe free. Im crochet a hat scarf blanket

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