10 thoughts on “Project Tutorials

  1. You have some really great ideas on this website, loved some of your quilting motifs. As for doodling, I always carry a small visual art diary and mechanical pencil in my handbag, when I see something that inspires me, or just want to practice it is always there.

  2. You have an amazing library of motifs. Thank you for sharing these with us all. I am always looking for ideas, especially when I am ready to quilt. I always seem to get stuck on how and where to start and how am I going to design the quilt. Thank you so much

  3. This is the first time I noticed the Menu on your home page. Was I oblivious, or is this new? It has so far been fun going through some of the sections. Want to say thanks for sharing your knowledge with us! Will keep following you, hopefully for a very long time.

  4. Hi. I really like the Union Jack quilt. Unfortunately, I am having trouble piecing it together. I can not find how to sequence the piecing or what colors are what. I printed, cut and glued everything from the 25 page template, is this the right pattern?

    • Hi Lynn, The paper piecing projects are courtesy of Peggy Aare at Wisconsin Quilting. Please check in with her at PaperPiecingHeartland**at**gmail.com with questions. Thanks!

  5. My five favourite Queens of Quilting are Lori Kennedy, Amanda Murphy, Christina Cameli, Leah Day they have produced wonderful books for beginners of FMQ. It is only a matter of practice after that. Patsy Thompson also has a few really good DVD’s.

  6. I am a current subscriber to The American Quilter publication. On page 14 of the March 18 issue there is a small article about stitching a wholecloth baby quilt. I cannot locate this on your site. Could you direct me to this link. Thank you.

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