Free Motion Quilting Tutorials (Motifs)

Free! Free Motion Quilt Tutorials

PS…If you like these motifs and tips, be sure to check out my book, Free Motion Machine Quilting 1-2-3 or any of my Craftsy Videos!

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Beginners Loops, Free Motion Quilting

Spider FMQ Tutorial, LKennedy

The Dizzy Daisy, Free Motion Quilting

Grid Pop and Oak Leaf Free Motion Quilting

Apple, FMQ, LKennedy

LKennedy.FMQ, Home Sweet Home

Dots and Daisies, Free Motion Quilting

Anchor FMQ

Straight Line Triangles, LKennedy, FMQ

Greek Key, FMQ, LKennedy, The Inbox Jaunt


Cherry Pie, Free Motion Quilting

The Modern Leaf, Free Motion Quilting

Cherries, Free Motion Quilting, BERNINA 770QE

Poppies, Free Motion Quilting

FMQ, Tutorial, Chain Stitch

Chain Stitch Free Motion Quilting

Kite, Free Motion Quilting

Crabapple Blossom, Free Motion Quilting

Sunflower, Free Motion Quilting


Lines and Spirals Free Motion Quilting


FMQ, Tutorial, Birds


Beginners Loops, Free Motion Quilting


Basic Bow, LKennedy, FMQ


Dandelion, Free Motion Quilting


Scissors, Free Motion Quilted


Hyacinth, Free Motion Quilting


Sewing Machine Free Motion Quilting


Free Motion Quilting, Owl


Paperclip, Free Motion Quilting


Tomato Pin cushion Tutorial


Brick Wall. Free Motion Quilting


Free Motion Quilting, Spools of thread


Seashells, Free Motion Quilting


Oyster Shell Free Motion Quilting


The Sand Dollar, Free Motion Quilting




Free Motion Quilting-Packages


Mistletoe and Berries, Free Motion Quilting


Poinsettia-Free Motion Quilting


Spin the Dreidel, Free Motion quilting



The Race Car-A Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

Oak Leaf and Acorn Free Motion Quilt Pattern


Free Motion Quilted Pebbles, Bubbles


Free Motion Quilting, Dots and Dashes

String Pearls, Free motion quilting,


Woodgrain, Free Motion Quilting


The Cool Cat, Free Motion Quilting

Echo Stars, Free Motion Quilting

Free Motion Quilting Candy

Free Motion Quilted Football  

The Perfect Pencil.LKennedy010



The Bumble Bee Free Motion Quilting



Free Motion Quilted Dragonfly




Happy Blossoms-A Free Motion Quilt Tutorial


Squiggly Sun Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

The Spirograph Sun, A Free Motion Quilt tutorial

Tommy the Turtle, Free Motion Quilting, Tutorial



Free Motion Quilt Tutorial-The Wave

Nora's Rose-Free Motion Quilt Tutorial


Free Motion Quilting, ZigZag



Starry Night-A Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

The Feathered Leaf Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

Free Motion Quilt, Step-by-Step Tutorial, Ribbon Candy

The Pretty Posy, Free Motion Quilt tutorial

Tulips, Free Motion Quilting, Tutorial

Free Motion Quilted Baseballs

Bunting Bonanza-Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

Apple Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

The Pretty Bow-Free Motion Quilting

The Maypop Leaf Free Motion Quilting

Diamonds, Quilt Tutorial, Free Motion Quilting

The Windowsill Garden, Free Motion Quilting

Sunshine Free motion Quilting

Grid Play-Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

Daisy Chain, Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

Free Motion Quilted Flowers

Free Motion Quilting Tutorial

FMQ, Tutorial, Flower Variations

The Extra-Sweet Heart Border Free Motion Quilting Tutorial

Two Triangles

Spin the Dreidel, Free Motion quilting

The Oak Leaf


Egg-and-Dart Border

FMQ Tutorial, The Closed Umbrella, Long Arm Quilting

The Closed Umbrella

Spiral Heart Border

Spiral Heart Border




248 thoughts on “Free Motion Quilting Tutorials (Motifs)

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  4. Thank you so much for these. After seeing just a couple of your tutorials I know I can do most of your designs simply from the pictures. So very easy compared to some I have seen and tried. Really, thank you so very much.

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  13. Wow! These are some of the nicest FMQ designs I’ve seen! thanks so much for sharing all those tutorials! I will be back to visit, I’m sure.

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  15. Dumb “newbie” question (even though I have been quilting for more a quarter century!) – what kind of needle and what weight thread is the most effective for quilting that “pops”? I vaguely remember you mentioning something about a top-stitch needle somewhere. Bigger needle? Bigger thread?

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  20. Lori thank you for sharing all these tutorials. You are so creative and they are all wonderful. You have a generous heart. Have a blessed day.

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  24. These are absolutely stunning! I’m a beginner, I mean a real beginner…. I have hard time trying free motion, but I like the look of it so much that I’ll keep trying 🙂 Thank you for sharing your designs, they are perfect. Regards from Poland!

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