Free Motion Quilting Tutorials (Motifs)

Free! Free Motion Quilt Tutorials

PS…If you like these motifs and tips, be sure to check out my book, Free Motion Machine Quilting 1-2-3 or any of my Craftsy Videos!

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Beginners Loops, Free Motion Quilting

Spider FMQ Tutorial, LKennedy

The Dizzy Daisy, Free Motion Quilting

Grid Pop and Oak Leaf Free Motion Quilting

Apple, FMQ, LKennedy

LKennedy.FMQ, Home Sweet Home

Dots and Daisies, Free Motion Quilting

Anchor FMQ

Straight Line Triangles, LKennedy, FMQ

Greek Key, FMQ, LKennedy, The Inbox Jaunt


Cherry Pie, Free Motion Quilting

The Modern Leaf, Free Motion Quilting

Cherries, Free Motion Quilting, BERNINA 770QE

Poppies, Free Motion Quilting

FMQ, Tutorial, Chain Stitch

Chain Stitch Free Motion Quilting

Kite, Free Motion Quilting

Crabapple Blossom, Free Motion Quilting

Sunflower, Free Motion Quilting


Lines and Spirals Free Motion Quilting


FMQ, Tutorial, Birds


Beginners Loops, Free Motion Quilting


Basic Bow, LKennedy, FMQ


Dandelion, Free Motion Quilting


Scissors, Free Motion Quilted


Hyacinth, Free Motion Quilting


Sewing Machine Free Motion Quilting


Free Motion Quilting, Owl


Paperclip, Free Motion Quilting


Tomato Pin cushion Tutorial


Brick Wall. Free Motion Quilting


Free Motion Quilting, Spools of thread


Seashells, Free Motion Quilting


Oyster Shell Free Motion Quilting


The Sand Dollar, Free Motion Quilting




Free Motion Quilting-Packages


Mistletoe and Berries, Free Motion Quilting


Poinsettia-Free Motion Quilting


Spin the Dreidel, Free Motion quilting



The Race Car-A Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

Oak Leaf and Acorn Free Motion Quilt Pattern


Free Motion Quilted Pebbles, Bubbles


Free Motion Quilting, Dots and Dashes

String Pearls, Free motion quilting,


Woodgrain, Free Motion Quilting


The Cool Cat, Free Motion Quilting

Echo Stars, Free Motion Quilting

Free Motion Quilting Candy

Free Motion Quilted Football  

The Perfect Pencil.LKennedy010



The Bumble Bee Free Motion Quilting



Free Motion Quilted Dragonfly




Happy Blossoms-A Free Motion Quilt Tutorial


Squiggly Sun Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

The Spirograph Sun, A Free Motion Quilt tutorial

Tommy the Turtle, Free Motion Quilting, Tutorial



Free Motion Quilt Tutorial-The Wave

Nora's Rose-Free Motion Quilt Tutorial


Free Motion Quilting, ZigZag



Starry Night-A Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

The Feathered Leaf Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

Free Motion Quilt, Step-by-Step Tutorial, Ribbon Candy

The Pretty Posy, Free Motion Quilt tutorial

Tulips, Free Motion Quilting, Tutorial

Free Motion Quilted Baseballs

Bunting Bonanza-Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

Apple Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

The Pretty Bow-Free Motion Quilting

The Maypop Leaf Free Motion Quilting

Diamonds, Quilt Tutorial, Free Motion Quilting

The Windowsill Garden, Free Motion Quilting

Sunshine Free motion Quilting

Grid Play-Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

Daisy Chain, Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

Free Motion Quilted Flowers

Free Motion Quilting Tutorial

FMQ, Tutorial, Flower Variations

The Extra-Sweet Heart Border Free Motion Quilting Tutorial

Two Triangles

Spin the Dreidel, Free Motion quilting

The Oak Leaf


Egg-and-Dart Border

FMQ Tutorial, The Closed Umbrella, Long Arm Quilting

The Closed Umbrella

Spiral Heart Border

Spiral Heart Border




248 thoughts on “Free Motion Quilting Tutorials (Motifs)

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  2. Thank you for posting these tutorials. I’m a total beginner and I’ve never quilted, however, your tutorials are inspiring. Would you be writing for a book with these free motion patterns in it? You’ve simplified the process to so that it ia less daunting. Thanks again,

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  4. Lori my head is spinning with all these absolute beautiful patterns. I did not even know about the existence of free motion quilting. If I will be able to do it is another story but your page absolutely motivates me to at least try 1 easy (I hope) pattern. Thank you so much for this inspiring page especially for dummies like me.

    • I’m delighted that you are inspired! Start with just one or two motifs and really learn them by doodling!

  5. I think I just deleted my comment, so excuse me if this is a duplicate! YOU have just become this grandmother’s new best friend! I have always hand cut, hand pieced and hand quilted, but as I’ve grown older, that is much harder to do with aching hands and less than perfect eyesight. I have started rotary cutting and machine piecing, and have sent a few quilts out to be long arm quilted, but at $200 or more for a twin size, and $50 or more for a table runner, that’s impossible on a fixed income. Not wanting to give up my precious hobby, I have been searching the web for free motion instruction. I’ve watched a zillion Youtube videos which gave me the basics, but as a hand quilter, I’ve had the freedom to do whatever I wanted with regard to quilting designs. I wanted to know it’s possible to go beyond loops or stippling once I get the technique down, and you’ve given me that confidence! Thank you so very much for sharing your expertise and talent…and for FREEly giving it to the rest of us. You must be a very lovely person! Thank you very much!

    • Thank YOU! I’m so glad you are here! The goal is to find the fun in machine quilting-and it sounds like we have another believer!

    • You have just said everything that I wanted to say, so I wont reiterate. But Lori, you have made learning such fun. You are the first thing I look at with my morning cup of coffee – and later I take you up to my sewing room. Thank you!

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  8. What a wonderful resource…. Thank you for putting all these wonderful patterns on the web for all to use…. I’ve found several that are my new favourites.

  9. Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing your time and talents with everyone! Your page has been instrumental in helping me branch out from straight-line quilting and basic stippling, and I’ve come to enjoy quilting my own projects from start to finish so much more. Thank you again!

  10. So, (sew) much information here! I’ll definitely be using you as a resource! Thanks for putting your knowledge on line!

  11. Just found your site, courtesy of Craftsy’s Quilting Blog & your site is amazing! I knew the sky was the limit, as the quilter is an artist, but you have opened the well-spring of my mind!! Wow! I look forward to learning FMQ, after a nearly 15 yrs as a machine piecer & handquilter.

  12. Just discovered your incredible designs but best of all…wonderful instructions! Think that I may actually have the guidance that I need to experiment now. Thank you, thank you!!

  13. Mrs. Kennedy! I recently started quilting and stumbled upon your blog through Pinterest and thought to myself…my goodness she looks familiar. I used to swim with Nora on NSSC!! What a small world. Love your tutorials and have tried some variations of them already.

    • How are you, Cayla! Please call me Lori–we are very informal here–and you are an adult now–LOL! I’m so thrilled you are quilting!! Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you on your way!!!

  14. Just found your site and I love it. I have been hand quilting for many years but would love to learn to machine quilt. Your tutorials are so easy to follow. I love the practice sheets that you offer. I’m 85 so I am kinda shaky but will keep practicing. Thank you so much for sharing so much of your time and talent. God bless.

  15. Lori, Thank you so much for your tutorials, the step-by-step instruction is wonderful. I can’t wait to give it a try. You are truly talented. I can’t thank you enough.

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  17. Lori, THANK YOU for sharing your creativity. Your tutorials are extremely clear and helpful. Your willingness to share your ideas and HOW to do them is very inspirational. I do hope you produce a book of your ideas but PLEASE don’t stop sharing them here as well. You take the fear out of very complex designs by breaking them down step by step. CONGRATULATIONS on your ability to teach others and once again THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH

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  20. Lori, on the WOODGRAIN free motion quilt, is that done on a machine?? If yes, how do I get the stitches as large as yours? I have a Janome if that helps your answer? Do I need to put thick pearl cotton or something on a bobbin?? Your stitches look so large and thick, comopared to my thread I use and see for sale.

    • Hi Katherine, The Woodgrain tutorial–like all my tutorials is stitched on my BERNINA 770QE–and it does create beautiful stitches. You should be able to create very nice stitches with your Janome as well. The stitch length is determined by how fast you move your hands. If your stitches are too small–then move your hands a little faster (without changing the speed of the sewing machine). This takes practice. OR—stitch slower and move your hands at the same speed…which ever feels more natural to you.

      Thread makes a huge difference in the look of the quilting. Use heavy weight thread on top–40 wt or 28 wt (I love Sulky Rayon, Aurifil 28wt cotton, and Magnifico polyester from Superior–all heavy weight threads. In the bobbin, choose a lighter weight thread–I always use Aurifil Cotton 50wt.

      Later this month–perhaps tomorrow if I can manage it, I will share another trick that sometimes adds a little more pop to the quilted line…stay tuned!

  21. I am new to quilting, I joined AQS and saw your free motion articles. I was intimidated by free motion quilting so I was excited to see hear you this week on the Sulky webinar. I made practice making spirals and love how it was so much easier than imagined. You are an amazing teacher. Thanks so much. Now on to practicing some of these motifs. Lol

  22. My head is spinning! I have never used my Bernina to it’s full potential but honestly I think I may have found the most inspiring and helpful tutorials on the web. Thank you so much – ditto a former comment – you must be a very very lovely person. Thank you so much.

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