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  1. I have just found you and am thrilled! I am looking forward to improving my machine quilting through your inspiration and tutorials!! Thanks so much.

  2. I just love what you do. I am trying to adapt it to long arm quilting. You have given me a new way of seeing a pattern and breaking it down by doing multiple passes.thank you for sharing so much. You certainly are blessed with a special talent.

  3. bonjour dite moi comment faire du piqué libre?moi j,ai plein de fils en dessous pouqoui? merci de vos conseils

  4. Your quilting is amazing and I’m hooked on your beautiful designs. You work is exceptional. Thank you so much for the wonderful tutorials.

    • No, but I should! I have the perfect quilt to demonstrate how important it is–my quilt lacks a focal point and it is disappointing as a result! Thanks for the idea–I will do it soon.

  5. Having trouble w/your “search” option, and want to read your guidelines on whether to wash batting or not. Love your blog. Thanks. Barb

  6. Oh, my gosh. I just watched a tutorial video done by Rob at ManSewing dot com. It is called Free Piecing Quilt and is quite radical for perfectionist types like me. But I love all the various spaces created by his radical seam lines. My mind is going into overdrive thinking about filling those spaces with FMQ.
    The drawback to this method is that there are LOTS of seam allowances to deal with, which may indeed create too much of an obstacle to be practical.
    Here are the reasons it struck my fancy. What do you think, Lori K.?
    1) The spaces vary in size and shape so a particular FMQ motif can be practiced in variable sizes just by staying in the space defined by the seam lines.
    2) The spaces are anything but symetrical, so the mind is freed up to wander without worrying about making a FMQ design that is perfectly centered or a perfect mirror image of itself from side-to-side / top-to-bottom.
    3) Even the smallest of scraps can be incorporated into the piecing, making for very interesting contrast even if they are too small to apply FMQ within the shape.
    Not sure if this will work, but I’m going to paste the link to the tutorial here:
    https://www.missouriquiltco.com/land/mansewing/free-piecing-quilt/index.html?utm_source=msnl&utm_medium=lp&utm_campaign=tms57 .
    Or just look for Free Piecing Quilt at ManSewing dot com.

  7. Have a question for you…. Do you do any marking on fabric before you start your design? Or do you just jump in and go? And if so what is your process?
    Kim in Virginia

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