14 thoughts on “Roxie and Ruby

  1. I love your dogs, they are so adorable!!! I also love your blog and all the free motion quilting. We have a quilt show this weekend and I am planning on having a table to teach how I do my quilting doodles, feathers, meandering loops, wiggly crosshatch, candy ribbon,etc… I would love to use some of your designs if OK with you and I give you credit?

  2. Both are really beautiful! Please scratch their ears and hugs from me! I love dogs! My husband an me have a Bracco Weimaraner of 11.5 years, she is our love… and our “have all allowed”! Lol!

  3. I love your dogs! I have I have one beautiful grand-dog and two “funny looking” (according to my daughter) ones that belong to me. Dogs, quilting and art, no wonder I like your blog! Keep up the good work.

  4. What beautiful dogs ! Are they Aussies or English Shepherds ? Just love the whole collie family–smart dogs who love their people.

  5. Love your blog. I am new and was watching a video about burying thread using a side loading needle. I missed where you said I could find them. Would fill me in? Thanks.

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