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Better Quilting Through Doodling


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  3. I have long been a fan, but have just found your Doodle Tutorials and am very grateful that you are sharing all of this wonderful knowledge.

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  7. So glad I found your site. My goal is to accomplish “acceptable” FMQ this year. I started following you through you messages on Nancy’s Notions. When I saw you had made a class through Craftsy (love Craftsy!!) of course I had to subscribe. I believe I can better myself by first doodling as you suggest, then move on to test squares. You are an artist! I can see by your doodles that you are very creative and talented, because what is in your head you can get out through your fingers. This I have to work on more. Thank you again — am off to doodle…..

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  12. I have many books on free motion quilting. I’ve learned more from you than all of the books. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent and proving that I can do more than just cross hatching my projects.

  13. Been wanting to try free motion quilting and thought doodling may help but need to learn. Glad to have found your website and tutorials!!!

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  15. Hi! I really am encouraged by your tutorials. The last one I was able to read was on echo quilting. Apparently, the next one is to be echo quilting when there are several designs in the same space. Have I missed it? Or is it not published yet. I really need to know this to do a border that has random flowers here and there, and a few butterflies. It`s not crowded, but I sure would like to be able to see a tutorial on this.

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  17. Does your doodle technique work with the new HQ Simply 16/Little Foot frame? Or is it best to work with a standard machine? Thank you

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  19. I read a post of yours which stated which foot to purchase for the 820 to use with rulers when free motion quilting.
    I cannot find it.
    Could you tell me what foot I should purchase? It is my birthday and I would like to purchase the foot and the rulers to celebrate.

    Thank you!

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