Temptations, Priorities, Projects and a WINNER!


When it comes to buying fabric and starting projects, it seems our

 “Our eyes are bigger than our clocks.”  —lck

  I just found this perfect fabric…

THEN I looked at my list of Unfinished Quilts…

Not sure this fabric works on any of these…

Not to worry…It will be great as the backing fabric for my next twenty tutorials!   Not my wisest purchase, but I still love this fabric…

Quilt Priorities


I also found this perfect pad of paper…(I need pads of paper about as much as I need fabric…)

But, it’s little reminder was useful…

"You can do anything, but not everything." SET PRIORITIES

So now I have my priorities straight…Just one quilt:

 Claire and Andy’s (AFTER) wedding quilt!

Quilt Priorities


Thank you to all who participated in Mary Huey’s Unfinished Quilt Assault Tactics course giveaway.

The Winner is: CJ. Please contact Mary.




YOU can still be a winner, too!

  • Follow the plan..
  • Write down all your UFOs
  • Pick three (or less) quilts  on which to focus
  • Read more HERE


Sign up for Mary’s course HERE.


Laser Beam (as in.. focused like a..) Lori

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Do You Have a Sewing Ritual? Open Line Friday

Free Motion Quilting, TeaI’m fascinated by the “creative process” and recently read this article by Walt Kania at The Freelancery about creative rituals.  It’s a humorous account of his work process as a writer.

Free Motion Quilting, TeaI guess I have a ritual, too.  I usually make myself a cup of coffee or tea (which I don’t end up drinking), throw in a load of laundry, (my sewing room is right next to the laundry room), flip on my sewing machine, the iron, and the TV (which I never watch), and clear off my sewing table.  By then I usually know what I want to do… If I’m working on a  new FMQ pattern, I usually start with a few spirals and then I’m off…

My ritual is not intentional, yet it is consistent.  I would echo Mr. Kania…you have to just “clamber up the ladder and start moving the brush over the wood”…Nothing happens until then.  Or as my mother would say, “When you don’t know where to start, just begin.”

If you need a little technical advice, try Seven Steps to Free Motion Quilting–for the machine set-up…and then just clamber up the ladder and begin free motion quilting.  YOU can do this…just begin!

Free Motion Quilting, TeaWhat about YOU?  Do you have a creative ritual?

I’d love to hear…