Computers–Not MY Cup of Tea!

Free Motion Quilted Tea Cup

Good Afternoon, Quilters!

Computers…we can’t live them and we can’t live without them…

I’m having a string of computer problems…fix one thing and it seems to cause the next thing to crash…

I’ve been at it all day–and I need to STEP AWAY!

When my computer decides it’s ready to work again, I have a new free motion quilt tutorial,  Claire’s Peony-a gorgeous beginner motif…

COMING SOON–or not so soon, who knows when you are dealing with computers!




Halloween Quilt, LKennedy

Good Morning, Quilters!

I’m delighted to tell you that The Wedding Quilt is complete!  Celebrate with me!

We will spend most of next week discussing “Quilting the Big Quilt”  including:  Choosing Motifs, Sewing Order, Choosing Thread and much much more!  I think this will be a great opportunity for many of YOU who have asked how to apply everything to BIG QUILTS!

Stay tuned…

BTW–I will show lots of photos, however I wanted the Newlyweds to see it first!


I also finished a little quilt with leftover blocks from a project I made last year.

Halloween Quilting Projects

I challenged myself to use a variety of threads…

Aurifil for piecing and for all bobbin threads…

Halloween Quilt, LKennedy

Robison-Anton Twister Tweed for most of the detail work–it’s a fabulous 2-ply twist of white and black Rayon threads!

Halloween Quilt, LKennedyI used Iris metallic thread (available through EnMart) for the spider webs–Ever notice how spider webs glisten in the light?  If you’ve had trouble with metallics in the past–this is a new metallic that’s worth the try!  I’m a convert!!

Halloween Quilt, LKennedyFor the vines, Sulky 30 wt cotton…I stitched over each vine twice for an even heavier look!

Halloween Quilt, LKennedyBecause so many of you commented on my six-legged Spooky Spider (spiders have eight legs….) I tried an eight legged spider, but for me…I will go back to the six-legged version (two legs are just not visible)…It looks neater and you still get the idea that it’s a spider!

Halloween Quilt, LKennedy

This was a fun little quilt with plenty of opportunity for embellishing with threads and Creative Quilting!

Halloween Quilt, LKennedyNow I’m off to bind it!  That’s TWO completed quilts in ONE week–a record for me!

What about YOU?  Did YOU finish any quilts this week?   We’d love to do a Happy Dance with YOU too!


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