Whimsical Doodles

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Mixed Quilting: Machine and Hand


Good Morning, Quilters!

As much as I LOVE to machine quilt…I LOVE to hand sew!

Nothing is as soothing as any kind of hand sewing.  I know some of YOU agree!


I love to turn on a movie and stitch.

(At times, the ONLY thing that keeps me awake is the stitching!)


I love the “mixed quilting” look–machine and hand quilting in one quilt!


Have YOU ever added hand stitches to your machine quilting?

Any tips?  What worked, what didn’t?

If you haven’t already, pick up one of your practice pieces and see if you can turn it into a masterpiece with some simple embroidery stitches!

Can’t wait to see what YOU create!



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The Iris-A Machine Quilting Tutorial

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