My Favorite Quilting Books-

Diane Gaudynski, free motion quilting, Guide To Machine Quilting

Whenever I sit down to sew, Diane Gaudynski’s books, Guide to Machine Quilting and  Quilt Savvy are right by my side.  Both books are filled with tips, techniques, quilt motifs as well as inspiration.  You can check out her website here.

Ms. Gaudynski (a lovely lady that I had the pleasure to meet while I lived in Milwaukee) is a Master Quilter and has won many, many top honors.  All of her quilts are stitched on standard sewing machine–no long arm for her!  In other words, there is hope for all of us!  Ms. Gaudynski has written two books.  I like both, but if you can only buy one, I’d recommend the smaller, spiral bound Quilt Savvy.  In fact, if you could only own one book on free motion quilting–I’d recommend Quilt Savvy!  Do I sound like a commercial?

Diane Gaudynski, free motion quilting,

The other book that is always by my side when I sew…

free motion quilting, sketchbook, doodles

My doodle notebook...I hope you have been working on your very own Doodle Notebook..If you haven’t started one…check out the post, Doodlers are Smarter!

Diane Gaudynski, free motion quilting, doodles, sketchbook

You might also like: Doodles Make the Best Quilt Designs  I will be adding several more posts on keeping quilting notebooks in the near future.  I think notebooks/sketchbooks are very important!

And don’t forget to leave a comment in Kiss the Blarney Stone Giveaway–you might be the lucky one who wins the Shamrock Doodle Quilt!

In other news…I’ve added a “Bookshelf” Tab above.  I will be adding my favorites to it slowly–so check it often.

“A Thrilling Swashbuckler”

The Black Swan, Book Review, Rafael Sabatini, Mariner's Compass

There’s been very little quilting progress here lately.  One of my New Year’s Resolutions ( read more here) was to read more fiction.  I just finished The Hobbit,  which I liked, but didn’t love…and now I’ve returned to one of my favorite authors, Rafael Sabatini.  One reviewer described The Black Swan as “a thrilling swashbuckler“…what more could I want?  A clear, idealistic hero who rescues a witty damsel in distress…

If it’s anything like my other Sabatini favorites:  Captain Blood, Scaramouche, and The Sea-Hawk, there will be plenty of drama on the high-seas…pirates, buccaneers, intrigue…and while I enjoy all the action, what I am really drawn to is the witty prose.

I have a great deal planned for the next few weeks:  more giveaways, more tutorials, more about the Mariner’s Compass Block above… and a new look…so stay tuned…exciting things coming your way…

But for the moment…I’m lost in tropical trade winds off Barbados...