YOUR Favorites of 2014



Yesterday we looked at YOUR favorite free motion quilt tutorials.

Today:  YOUR favorite Silent Sundays, Seamstresses in Fine Art, and Paper Pieced patterns:


I noticed a trend with the free motion tutorials–all your favorites were flowers.

The trend continues with Silent Sunday photos–your top three favorites were flowers!

Apricot Poppies

Spring Flowers

YOUR favorite Seamstresses were Eric Bowman’s “Mending”

Eric Bowmen, Mending

and Norman Rockwell’s “Man Helping His Wife”

Rockwell, Man helping his wife

YOUR Favorite paper piecing patterns(Thank you, Peggy!) were:

Bride at The Window--based on a photo of my daughter at her wedding in May.

Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 7.48.31 AMFireworks

Paper Pieced Fireworks, QuiltTOMORROW

YOUR favorite  quilt of 2014 and

YOUR favorite posts of ALL TIME--(I’ll admit I was a bit surprised…and will adjust my blogging schedule to accommodate more of this next year!)

Can YOU guess???

Hope you are stitching today…


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The Inbox Jaunt-Mail Maladies

Free Motion Quilting, Letters, MailDear Readers,

As many of you have noticed –The Inbox Jaunt has suffered a few “Mail Maladies” over the past few months.

Many of you no longer receive your daily email “fix” of The Inbox Jaunt.Free Motion Quilting, Letters, MailMore recently, many people have reported  The Inbox Jaunt’s emails arrive as “WordPress” and often go unrecognized and deleted!  ARGH!

I have made several attempts to work this out with WordPress and Bluehost without luck.  Some of this is because I have limited patience working on this problem.  I’d much rather be sewing…hence the little motifs today….LOL!

Free Motion Quilting, Letters, MailPlease be patient.  

I am looking into other e-mail subscription options.

In the meantime….

YOU know where to find us!

and don’t delete messages from WordPress!


Can anyone recommend someone to help me with my WordPress blogging issues?  (Including my “button” not working)

I’d trade for a vase quilt?….

Thank YOU,

Frustrated in Frosty Minnesota,


Celebration Monday


Paper Pieced Lettering, The Inbox JauntPlease celebrate with me…The Inbox Jaunt has reached more than 5000 followers!

Thank YOU to all who shared the good news about our quilt community. 

This week we have many new followers from Quiltville, Patchwork Posse, UK Quilters United, The Quilting Board, Missouri Star Quilt Co, even a garden forum:  The Garden Web

We also have Danish quilters from All Momas Quilt, Spanish quilters from Tutoriales de Patchwork, Swedish quilters from Rikstacket and Japanese quilters from Jellyfish and Dutch quilters from ZipjeZopje

We’ve had referrals from the amazing Romanian quilter, Geta Grama AND SO MANY MORE!

(Please leave a comment if I haven’t mentioned YOU or your blog…I KNOW there are many who have joined us from Canada, France, Brazil, Poland, Hungary, India, Taiwan, Australia…Quilters around the world!

Paper Pieced Lettering, The Inbox Jaunt


It’s funny because I never planned to start a blog…I was taking an online Photoshop class from Kim Klassen and the next class in her series was about blogging.  I only took the class because I wanted to learn “mouseovers” and GIFs.

As I worked through the course, I thought a blog would be a good way to share my new hobby (photography) and my old hobby (quilting) with my friends and family.

Paper Pieced Lettering, The Inbox Jaunt



For months, I had 30 followers-all friends and family.  Everything changed when I wrote the post “Four Steps to Perfectly Quilted Spirals”.

Suddenly, my “views” quadrupled  and a few more followers signed up.

I tried it again with another quilt tutorial…

Again my “views” quadrupled and a few more followers.

The Tuesday Tutorials were born! (See the full library of free motion quilt step-by-step motifs)

Paper Pieced Lettering, The Inbox Jaunt


I am really grateful to all of you who were there in the early days, and I am excited about everyone who has joined us since.

We have SO much more quilting, free motion quilting, time management for quilters, organization for quilters, projects, photography, jaunts, Seamstresses in Fine Art, Silent Sundays (photography), paper-piecing,  doodling, works in progress….

WELCOME!  And help spread the word…please SHARE with ALL your QUILTY FRIENDS!

Paper Pieced Lettering, The Inbox JauntThe best thing about having 5000 of us?

We ALL learn so much from the comments and on Open Line Friday-where everyone asks and EVERYONE answers!

If you’re new to The Inbox Jaunt or if you’re an OLD FRIEND


  • SHARE with all your friends–quilters and quilt-lovers
  • PARTICIPATE-we LOVE to hear everyone’s comments and questions..



We have a busy week ahead:

Tuesday Tutorial, Build a Rock Solid Routine Series, Open Line Friday, Seamstresses in Fine Art Saturday, and Silent Sunday….

PS…The paper pieced letters were stitched with Elizabeth Hartman’s Refrigerator Magnets

PPS…All tutorials, images and information are the property of Lori Kennedy at The Inbox Jaunt and are intended for personal use only.  Feel free (encouraged) to share, pin, re-blog with attribution to The Inbox Jaunt.  For all other purposes, please contact me at  Thank YOU!