Doodling Grids Quick Tip

Doodling a Grid, Recycled Paper

Good Morning, Doodlers and Quilters! Last week, we used a grid and a simple doodle to create complex-looking quilt designs.     Read – Easy Doodles for Those Who Think They Can’t  After seeing the post, my friend, Deborah Johnson called … Continue reading

Adding On: Circle Doodles

Adding on to Circle Doodles

Good Morning, Quilters and Doodlers! Last week we doodled circles of different sizes and we filled the inside of the circles.  See Staggered Circles HERE This week we will start with Staggered Circles again, but let’s leave the center blank … Continue reading

Better Quilting Through Doodling–Trees

Tree Quilt motif, How to doodle a Christmas Tree
Good Morning, Quilters and Doodlers!

It’s time for another Doodle Lesson…because we all know…”If you can doodle it, you can quilt it!”

Doodling is the fastest way to improve your machine quilting skills–and it’s fun, too!

Today we are doodling Christmas Trees.

Start with the basic shape–nothing fancy and don’t worry about symmetry.

Tree Quilt motif, How to doodle a Christmas Tree

Next, divide some of the trees with simple lines.

Tree Quilt motif, How to doodle a Christmas Tree

Fill the trees with doodling.

Use Free Motion Machine Quilting 1-2-3 for ideas like Easy Loops or Pebbles.How to Doodle Christmas treesSee how many variations YOU can design!
How to Doodle Christmas trees

We are just getting started.  Next week we will use our favorite trees to create a variety of compositions.

Oh Tannenbaum! How whimsical are thy branches!

Your Tree Trimming Friend,


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