My Quilt Adventure–Sewing with Nancy!

Nancy Zieman, Lori Kennedy

Good Morning, Quilters!

I’m back from my Quilt Adventure–a trip to Wisconsin to meet Nancy Zieman and record two episodes of Sewing with Nancy!

And what an adventure it was!

My daughter, Faye joined me for the trip.

We arrived in Beaver Dam at Nancy’s office and home of Nancy’s Notions Catalog warehouse and retail store– where we were graciously greeted by Nancy and her wonderful staff.

We spent the day writing a script and preparing a few extra samples.

Nancy Zieman, Lori Kennedy

Nancy had an advanced copy of my book, Machine Quilting 1-2-3— (Available March 21!)


The next day, we traveled to Madison, Wisconsin to the Wisconsin Public Televison studios where we met Big Bird!

Nancy Zieman, Lori Kennedy

Nancy Zieman, Lori Kennedy

And then went straight to work preparing the studio set.

It was fascinating to see “behind the scenes” of a TV studio!

Nancy Zieman, Lori Kennedy

Nancy Zieman, Lori Kennedy

Soon it was   Lights!  Camera!  Action!

I was a little nervous–but Nancy is a pro–she’s recorded nearly 800 episodes of Sewing with Nancy since 1982 -making it one of the longest running TV shows!

You can watch full episodes of Sewing with Nancy online HERE.

And be sure to check out her blog, HERE

Nancy has a wonderful way of making her guest feel welcome and calm.

Nancy Zieman, Lori Kennedy

After several hours of demonstrating both doodles and quilting…

the control room declared:  “That’s a wrap!”

Nancy Zieman, Lori Kennedy

Machine Quilting 1-2-3 on Sewing with Nancy will air on September 11, 2017–

And Faye and I will always remember our time with Nancy Zieman, her husband, Rich and her staff, Donna, Emily, Vicki, and all…as one of our most exciting quilt adventures  ever!

Thank you, Nancy!