What Makes a Quilt Timeless?–And an Assignment

Red and White Wedding Quilt

Good Morning, Quilters!

Several weeks ago, my sisters and I came across several boxes of old quilt magazine and books.  As we perused the magazines, we were struck by how dated many of the quilts appeared—not at all to our current taste.

The quilts were all well made quilts–after all they were featured in magazines and books-so that was not the problem….

It was the patterns and the colors and the fabrics…

So then we challenged ourselves to find quilts that we did like

The only common denominator–as in quilts we all agreed stood the test of time–was two color quilts–like red and white or blue and white quilts.


Will OUR quilts stand the test of time?  Do we care if they do?

Can YOU help my sisters and I figure out the secret sauce to timeless quilts?


Quilting the Double Wedding Ring, Kennedy


Go through your Quilt Notebook: The Unfinished Project Page or box of UFOs…

Are there any partially completed quilts that are two color quilts?  Perhaps they deserve more consideration as a priority quilt?

Are there any quilt tops or UFOs that are already outdated?  Perhaps it’s time to let go…

You might want to alter your Big Three–The Quilt Notebook:  Setting Priorites

Do YOU have time to make quilts that aren’t timeless??? 

What is Timeless to YOU?

We’d LOVE to hear!


Setting Priorities in my Quilting Life,


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