Open Line Friday–Favorite Notions!



Good Morning, Quilters!

My grandmother (a lady of the Depression Era) used to say that you could tell the state of a lady’s feet by how many shoes she had in her closet…

Not so much anymore…not with Zappos….

But I say…you can tell the frustration of a quilter or any hand sewist by how many thimbles she has in her sewing box!


I tried every thimble imaginable…but never found one I liked!

Every store I went into, I would buy all the thimbles…

I even tried to make a leather thimble–see Threads Magazine HERE

Then I discovered Roxanne’s Thimble!

I purchased it at my Local Quilt Shop–one that is no longer…sigh….

And they fit me for it—WAY TIGHTER than I would ever have purchased on my own!!!

Thimbles, Lori Kennedy

Now I can’t live without this thimble.  The tight fit makes it part of your hand.

I purchased a second one…because if I misplaced one, even for a day–I would be a wreck. (I know that sounds ridiculously dramatic, but it’s like a security blanket for me)

Thimbles, Lori Kennedy

The BEST place to buy one is at your Local Quilt Shop–And get someone to fit you.  (You may have a little sticker-shock, but they have a  lower price point, “Roxette Thimble” now.   In the end, Roxanee’s thimble saved money for me because I never purchased another thimble…)

If your Local Quilt Shop doesn’t carry thimbles,  you can get special rings to fit the thimbles online from Colonial Needle HERE  (This is NOT an affiliate link!)


What about YOU?

Do YOU have a favorite thimble or other notion you can’t live without?  

We’d LOVE to hear!

Happy Stitching,

Your Notional Friend,


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