Rescue Quilts–Open Line Friday

Good Morning, Quilters!

Last year I rescued a quilt from a painter.

He was using a hand-made quilt as a drop cloth.

My heart sank as I watched him unfurl it under his ladder and prepared to paint.

Vintage Quilts, Lori Kennedy

“Excuse me….I’ll trade you a real drop cloth for that quilt?”

He looked at me like I was a little strange….(Quilters—we’re used to that.)

The quilt had a few holes (but fortunately no paint– yet)  So I repaired it and gave it to one of my daughters.

Vintage Quilts, Lori Kennedy

My friend said she rescued a quilt at a tailgate-a young couple was using it to wrap their grill.

Oh dear….

Vintage Quilts, Lori Kennedy

What about YOU?

Have you ever rescued a quilt?

We’d LOVE to HATE to hear!


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