Mara Mi

Mara Mi is one of my favorite places to while away time.
Located in the heart of downtown Stillwater, Minnesota-where the skies can often be ominous, this little stationery shop is always bright and cheery.  It sells stationery, journals, trinkets, pens, etc  –  of course I don’t NEED any of these things, but I go in for a cup of coffee and occasionally a cupcake and just take in the latest trends and the bright lights. I love their chalkboard and they seem to change their displays very frequently – so it’s always a visual treat.

Five Fact Friday–Quilter’s Edition

1. I doodle on fabric.

2. I took up quilting while on bedrest when I was expecting twins.

3. My mother and two of my sisters are also enthusiastic quilters.

4. I have three Bernina sewing machines.

5. I have more than 20 works in progress…